House Dreaming

Thursday, February 16, 2017

If you read my post Wednesday, then you know we have honed in on a house that we are hoping will be ours within the next few weeks. Well, obviously, the first thing I did after seeing the house was start dreaming up ways we could put our stamp on it. I guess I should be honest; there are likely only a couple of things Juston would change, but I'm excited about the thought of really making this place feel like our own, not like someone else's house we moved into. 

Juston is probably the most practical person I've ever known, aside from my parents. I am probably not the most practical person he has ever known to say the least. But between my ideas and his handy man skills and thriftiness, I think we can really do a lot to bring the place up to date. I'm probably getting ahead of myself here because we have not closed on this place and anything can happen, but it's still fun to think and dream in the meantime. 

The place was built in 1990 and has a cape cod style with dormer windows at the top. Well, right now, everything just looks very brown about it. The brick has brown undertones, the shutters are tannish-brown, the landscaping is all brown right now since everything is dormant and it's just begging for some color. I'm not certain that we will paint the brick; my mama says that you just do NOT paint brick. I don't necessarily agree, but I'm going to start by painting the shutters and front door just to see the overall effect that has, then decide from there whether or not to paint the whole exterior. If we do end up painting the entire thing, the house below is definitely my inspiration for a color scheme. 

I'm fairly certain I'm going to have to add a couple of window boxes as a nod to my very favorite place, Charleston. Mine don't even compare to the ones you find around the peninsula, but it's still a nice little reminder. 

As far as front door colors, I'm loving anything in the haint blue color scheme like the door pictured above. I wouldn't rule out something in the green family or a coral tone either. I'd say the color I choose will largely depend on how generous Juston is feeling when we choose the color. I can't see him going for a coral front door based off of a paint swatch, but I think once it's done he wouldn't mind it. 

Moving on to the kitchen. I have always loved white cabinets in a kitchen. It just really brightens up the whole room and feels clean and airy. I can't decide whether I like the black or the white countertops better though. I know an all white kitchen with little kids might seem like a bad idea, but people do it everyday, it's good motivation to clean ;)

Then we will have a mudroom for the first time and I have had a lot of fun thinking of things we can do in there! I love the one pictured below. 

Then we have an entire unfinished basement that Juston has some big plans for. I love the idea of a blank slate down there and I really think it's a great opportunity for us to add some value to the home ourselves. 

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