House Hunting Ain't for the Faint of Heart

Thursday, February 9, 2017

I think I've shared here already that Juston has a new job that is going to require us to relocate. Well, I was born and raised in the town in which we currently reside, my entire family lives here and I never really imagined us moving unless it was to the Carolina's. This is most certainly not to the Carolina's and to be perfectly honest, I don't want to move at all, but it's happening, so since early December, we have been searching for a place in our new city to no avail. I am probably every real estate agent's nightmare client (I hope not, but I am realistic). I'm not difficult in the sense that I'm hard to please, but I am in that I know exactly what I don't want and it's so common in homes anymore. 

I really had my heart set on a charming, historic home that we could move into, maybe do a little (or a lot) of work and just enjoy adding to the story of the home. I love old homes. The house I grew up in was built in the early 1900's and they just don't build them like they used to. Newer homes are great and I have nothing against them, but old homes have my heart. 

Well, the city we're moving to has a few older homes, but none for sale and many that once stood were bulldozed in the name of progress...don't even get me started on my thoughts about that. So, we've looked at probably 12-15 homes in the area and none of them really felt just right. I may be odd also in that I'd prefer a bit of  a fixer upper just so that we can put our stamp on the place and make it our own taste, so the thought of a complete kitchen or bathroom reno doesn't turn us off to a place...if anything it may make it more appealing. 

We have seriously run that gamut in the process. Step one was searching for a historic home, but that was no bueno due to the reasons above. Step two, we decided we would build a home to suit our needs and just find ways to build in character by incorporating old things accordingly. Well, land is a fortune and not readily available in the school district we think we want Caroline in when she starts in a year or two. This was a whole new facet for me, one because we are going to have a child in school that soon :( and two, the town I grew up in had two schools, public and private Catholic. This new place literally has like five elementary schools. Step three, our agent had two different older properties where the owners mentioned to him they were ready to sell, but hadn't listed them yet. He got pictures, sent them our way, I loved them...the owners in both instances decided they weren't quite ready to sell. Sigh. Step Four we decided to build again and just look at the land as an investment that would diversify our portfolio a bit, but after really talking about how long the building process would take, I decided I really didn't want our family to live apart for what could end up being a year. Step Five, back to looking at what was available and on the market. I still didn't love anything, but we got to a point of deciding to just put an offer in on something and resolving that we could move later on when/if the right one came available. We narrowed down to two that we really liked and decided to let the neighborhood be the deciding factor on which we would offer on first. We decided the max we were willing to spend on either home and if the first didn't work out, we'd move on to the other. These homes were so completely different from each other but we liked/disliked things about both, so either was a good option. Well, the first offer we put in was countered and they barely came down at all, so we offered on the second home, only to find out another offer had gone in on it the same day. They asked us if we'd want to up our offer given the circumstances. We decided to come in a bit under the max we thought the house was worth, and apparently, we were the lower of the two bids. So, then we went back to the first house we'd offered on and put in a higher offer, only to be countered again, still not much movement from the sellers. I'm being completely honest when I say that it was a great house, but truly not worth was they countered with. We decided to try one more time and came up a bit in price and told them it was our best and final. They must have thought we were kidding, because they countered us again and their counter was $4,000 over what we'd decided was the absolute most we would spend. With this house, it was so pretty from the outside, but the main floor just had the most odd layout. A lot of small rooms, but not a ton of usable space. The kitchen I really loved though, and the neighborhood was just the best we'd seen, so after figuring the monthly payment amount wouldn't be too much higher, we accepted. 

But we still have no house. We had a condition for a home inspection in our contract to purchase and after completing that step, we asked for some concessions to do necessary repairs the inspector found. Well, the sellers countered us yet again and something just didn't feel right to me at that point. Don't get me wrong, the house was really nice and we won't beat the neighborhood, but I just had this feeling I couldn't suppress that we needed to decline the counter and move on.  I can't explain it other than to say something just didn't feel right to me. 

So here we are, having made our way back to step one of this roller coaster that is relocating to a new city I know nothing about and trying to purchase a home for our family. Why can't this house be listed in our new town?


  1. I am so sorry sweet girl.. I know it can be hard trying to find a new house and in a new city.. Something perfect will come your way!!

  2. Thank you so much! I think we may have found ourselves a but of a fixer upper we want to take on, so I'm cautiously optimistic :) Hope you've had a great Valentine's Day!