Recent Acquisitions

Saturday, February 25, 2017

I've picked up a few things online recently and thought I'd share what I snagged with y'all since some of it is on sale right now. 

I just can't say no when pearls are involved. I got the smallest size. The large size is comparable to all of the bon bon earrings all the style bloggers have been wearing lately for reference. 

I'm also loving this Saratoga bracelet but didn't get it. I like that it's just very simple and feminine. And through the weekend, you get 25% off anything on Moon and Lola's site with the code 'Oscars2017'

How fun and versatile are these Sam and Libby Ester heels from Target?! And only $33. I haven't received them yet, so I can't testify to the quality, but I will once I receive them. I think they'll be super cute for springtime and maybe with my Easter dress (once I find one). 

These sunnies are a major steal at $24! They look like Karen Walker but won't hurt when I inevitably lose them or get them swiped off my face by a certain grabby but handsome little baby boy. They're from Nordstrom. I also have this dress on my Nordy's wishlist but haven't purchased it...

It's so cute and summery and I just love the tie detail on the sleeves. . It would be cute dressed up with wedges and those drop pear earrings pictured above, or dressed down with some sandals and simple accessories. 

And if you've been reading here any amount of time, you know my love for Beaufort Linen Company! I can always find a thing or twelve when I browse their online shop and I picked up this shirt a few weeks ago but it sold out almost immediately...

Well, it's back in stock now and in another patterned option as well. It's such a great basic shirt with endless possibilities. Cute with some distressed jeans and fun, bold accessories, like maybe these fun Lisi Lerch earrings, also at Beaufort Linen. 

Well, that's it for today. Hope everyone has a great weekend!


  1. Those pearl earrings are so cute :) Love them Chelsea @

    1. Thanks Chelsea! Hope you're doing great!