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Monday, February 27, 2017

I've finished a couple of books since the new year began and thought I would share what I've been reading here with y'all today. I really enjoy reading all sorts of genres, but typically stick to the more light-hearted stuff. First up:

Southern Solstice by Sarah Sadler. I saw someone post about this book on Instagram and decided, what the heck. I'd never heard of it or the author before, and since this is her first book, I suppose that makes sense (she has another now available for purchase with a third releasing sometime this spring as well). I have to say, at first, I didn't think I was going to enjoy this one; there were lots of little editing errors that always throw me out of a story and the writing in the first few pages almost seemed like it was trying SO hard to convey "Southernness" that it didn't feel inherently Southern if that makes any sense, but I stuck with it and after about the first four chapters found myself really enjoying the book. The story follows main character Larkin through a broken engagement and subsequent move back to her hometown of Charleston, SC (location being my main reason in choosing this book). There are some fun and colorful characters like Larkin's mother Bunny and her best friend Priss. Of course, there is a love interest in the plot line, plus another love interest for good measure. Overall, I'd recommend this one, I ended up enjoying the book. 

Of course, Chip and Jojo's book was my first read of the new year and I have to say, I didn't think I could love them anymore than I already did, but this book proved that I could love them more! It's an account of their beginning as a couple, the beginning of the business and how God's plans turned out to be the best laid plans of all. If you enjoy their show, this book reads like their interview portion and I just heard their voices in my head as I was reading it. I would think that even if you aren't an avid watcher of the show, you could still find some really great life takeaways from this book. Definitely recommend this and I passed my copy along to my mama who has already finished it as well.

And for the random tidbits...

Carter turned ten months old yesterday and started taking a few steps last week as well. It's so funny, Caroline took her first steps three days before turning eleven months, and Carter took his first few steps three days before turning ten months. That boy is trying to keep up with his sister.

After a glorious long stretch of temperatures in the upper 60's and low to mid-seventies, we had a cold snap this weekend which automatically put me in the mood to make vegetable soup. I've been making my mom's tomato based recipe the last few times, but decided to go back to my old standby broth-based that I always used to use and gosh it's just so good. What veggies do y'all put in your veggie soup? This time I did carrots, tomatoes, okra, butter beans, onion, corn and green beans. I love how you can just tailor veggie soup to your likes and dislikes. It's as unique as whoever makes it I suppose. I also put beef cubes and egg noodles in mine along with a ton of spices.

I'll be doing my first showing of our house this week and I'm equal parts excited and apprehensive about it. It will also be my first showing since getting my real estate license a few months ago. I've been shadowing with my broker a bit as time allows and learning the ropes so that I feel really prepared when I get my first listing. But the apprehension comes more from the fact that once we find a buyer for this house, we really are going to have to move :( I guess it's just one more step towards the reality of leaving this chapter of our lives and moving on to the next.

Lastly, I thought I'd share a few of my red carpet favorites from the Oscars last night. I never watch the show, or usually the red carpet for that matter, but I love looking at the fashion after the fact. And what about the poor cast and crew of La La Land thinking they'd won Best Picture for a hot second?! I read that the presenters were given the wrong card to read, so that's how it happened.



I love how Old Hollywood glam all those ladies above look. Nothing really wowed me that I saw, but everyone looked beautiful. 

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