Spring is in the Air

Friday, February 24, 2017

I know there's still technically a few weeks of winter left, but this weather has got me feeling spring something fierce. The crocus and daffodils are just starting to open up everywhere, buds have started sprouting on all of the trees and flowering plants and it is sunny and mid-seventies outside. I currently have the windows open in the house and can't stop smiling. I just adore this time of year. We've been out for a walk and swing set time almost every day this week and it's my favorite time of year to run outside. I've managed six outside miles this week so far and plan on another few over the weekend. 

Spring always puts me in the mood to do a few things:

I have been a cleaning and organizing fool. Moving has ramped this feeling up even more because I am determined get this house sparkling clean for any showing and subsequently for the next owners. 

Plan Trips//
So far on the agenda, we have Alabama and Charleston in March, then New Orleans in April and our family beach vacation in early June, most likely to Outer Banks this summer. I'm hoping to work in a short weekend trip to North Carolina at some point in April as well. 

Overhaul the kids wardrobes since they've outgrown everything//
Kids sure do grow quick, don't they? You blink and you're cleaning out another season's worth of clothes and shoes to box up and put away. It's always so bittersweet cleaning out the kids closets because as I'm folding up little outfits, I think of all the memories associated with them and obviosuly, just how quickly it's all passing by. 

Purge my closets//
Again, probable amplified since we are moving, but I have been cleaning out my closet and listing tons of things to my Poshmark (jenapate) and getting donation piles ready as well. It's so strange, but I develop weird emotional attachments to articles of clothing. Like, I still have things from high school that I just can't part with for one reason or another. Am I the only one like this? But I'm doing better. So far I've managed to weed out lots of clothes I still had from college that I just felt weren't really age appropritate or my style anymore (you know you're getting old when...)

I love how just moving things from one room to another or just adding some fun finds from local shops can change the feel of a space. I'm trying not to do too awful much of this as I know we will just be packing it all up soon anyway. As much as I don't want to leave my home and don't want to move, I'll have fun decorating a new home. 

Work out//
I'm the type of person who actually enjoys working out most of the time, but something about spring makes me ready to mix things up...try new classes, change my run course, alter the types of weight workouts I'm doing. I just really enjoy the feeling of everything being fresh and new this time of year. 

So even though it's supposed to cool off the next couple of days, "no matter how long the winter, spring is sure to follow." 

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