Wednesday, March 15, 2017

I've been a bad blogger this last week, but we just got home from the most wonderful trip to Alabama visiting with some of our favorite people. We are just blessed with some amazing friendships for which we are so thankful and our Alabama family are among those. 

Once or twice a year, we make the trip to Southeast Alabama to visit with Mimi and PauPau on the farm and it's always a visit we look forward to so much. when I tell you that these are some of the kindest, most loving people you could ever meet, I'm not doing them justice. 

And to make the trip even better, one of my best friends, Missy (Mimi and PauPau's daughter) and one of Caroline's favorite friends, Addi, Missy's daughter, headed in from St. Louis and we all got to spend time on the farm together. 

Caroline and Addi both got some great catches while we were out fishing. I didn't get to fish too awful long and didn't catch anything. Juston mostly helped the girls do their thing and he even brought Caroline a new big girl fishing pole that she was so excited to break in. It was so funny, she's a true fisherwoman. When we got back home she was telling my parents about her catch and every time she showed them how big her fish were, they grew a little bit ;)

Our Goddaughter, Emi and her roommate stopped in for a night on their way to Panama City Beach for spring break. I'm telling ya, it was the party house and we had a blast! Juston and PauPau smoked up some incredible ribs and wings on Saturday night and we all had the best time catching up and laughing. 
While we were there, Carter decided it was the perfect time to sprout his first tooth! There was a tiny corner peeking through earlier last week, but around Sunday, the whole top broke through his gum and now his little toothless grin is soon to be a thing of the past. It's sort of bittersweet, I love his little gum grin. He hasn't let a lack of teeth slow him down from trying all sorts of food though, Like the butter pecan ice cream he's loving pictured below from Milky Moos in Troy, AL, which is the cutest little town by the way. 

The whole trip went by way too quickly and we headed back to Kentucky Monday so that we could close on our house Tuesday afternoon. More on that next week! 


  1. Looks like you guys had a blast :) Chelsea @

    1. We did! I find myself never wanting to leave every time we're there. It's the cutest town adn the sweetest people!