Carter: Ten Months

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Baby: Carter Scott
Age: 10 Months (on Feb. 26)
Weight: 19 pounds 4 ounces
Length: 27.5 inches
Diaper Size: 4 in Pampers
Clothes: Mostly still in his 9 month or 9-12 month things he's been wearing.I don't look for that to change anytime soon.
Sleep: He typically naps from about 11-1 and then again from about 5-6:00 now.  I almost feel like he's trying to give up his evening nap, but he seems too young for that?  Bedtime is 8:30-9:00 and he gets up around 7:00-7:30 most mornings.There was a glorious few weeks where he was sleeping until almost 9 in the morning.
Milestones: He took his first steps three days before he hit ten months, he waves and claps when you ask him to (if he's in the mood), He still only crawls using one knee and the other foot. He can stand for long stretches without holding on to anything and I think we finally have a tooth trying to peek through after all this time (bottom right). He also LOVES swinging outside on the swingset, climbing the stairs at my parents house and eating anything off my plate, especially grits.

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  1. He is so cute :) Wow taking steps he will be everywhere