First Birthday Party Planning

Thursday, March 23, 2017

How is it even possible that it's been almost an entire year since Carter Scott Pate came into our lives?? I think time definitely seems to pass more quickly after you have kids. It's just a rapid succession of milestones and schedules and before you know it, a week bleeds into a month bleeds into a year and you look up and your kids are grown up. I'm getting ahead of myself, but that's how it feels like it's happening right now. 

Carter will be one on April 26 so I have started brainstorming ideas for his party theme so that I can (hopefully) be on the ball with getting the necessary decorations, his little outfit, cake ordered, etc. I haven't committed to a theme just yet, but I have narrowed it down to a few that I think are cute for a little man. Obviously, he's only turning one so he could care less what his party is, but I enjoy planning and entertaining, so this one is all Mama. I've searched Pinterest (obviously) for some inspiration on the ideas I've had and will likely just choose based on what seems the most doable, or on what Caroline thinks is cute. Her first birthday was Busy Bee themed...still appropriate for her. 

Idea #1 Circus

This cake is pretty simple, but we usually don't have a huge amount of people, so we wouldn't need anything bigger that this and I like that it's simple. 

How adorable are those little cookies!? I've got the links to all of these ideas on my Pinterest Boards by the way. And how about these pics below for some cute snack ideas...

For these cupcakes, since it's for Carter, I wouldn't use the pink animal crackers,just the white ones. I mean, I guess that means I'd have to eat the pink ones to get them out of the way ;)

And how about a shirt for Carter, and a shirt for Mama.

I would probably never wear that shirt, but it's still funny and fitting if I choose the circus route. I've also seen some really cute smocked circus john johns that are more our style, but the t-shirt would be cute for the cake eating (messing) portion of a party. Or to have pictures done in and made into Thank You cards. 

Idea #2 Peter Rabbit

Again, Carter has a smocked john john with little rabbits on it that would be very fitting for this party theme, but I do love this little onesie as well. It's would be cute with his name embroidered on it as well.

And I actually found so many cute cake ideas for this theme. 

 They are both so cute I don't know which I'd choose. My aunt and uncle own a bakery and usually do the cake as their gift, so I'd probably leave it up to their discretion, but both are so adorable!

 I also think doing some little carrot cake petit fours with a carrot made of icing on top would be adorable.

And I just love all the napkins, plates and cups above for easy decor. 

There are so many cute options with this theme as well.

Idea #3 Barnyard Bash

 How fun is this setup? And the snack possibilities are endless and in some cases kinda gross...

Some cute little decor ideas...

I love the high chair banner and I'm pretty sure I could make that easy enough. 
Anyone have any cute baby boy party ideas I haven't found yet? Please feel free to e-mail or comment and share them with me! I haven't committed to anything yet, so who knows, but I think I may be leaning toward the circus right now...or the Peter Rabbit...or thebarnyard. haha 


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