Fresh Flowers and House Showings

Friday, March 3, 2017

We finally had our first house showing this week! Listing it before springtime, when house hunting traffic picks up and doing it FSBO, we knew initial interest may not be huge, but I was excited to finally get some traffic through. It was also my first official showing as a real estate agent, so an exciting day. Mom helped me get the house cleaned thoroughly, when needed done for spring anyway and I crammed and shoved things into every available out of sight nook and cranny in our house. It really highlighted just how much "Stuff" we need to de-clutter. 
After cleaning, I went to the store to grab some fresh flowers for the house. I can never have enough flowers and since things outside haven't really bloomed out just yet, it was nice to have some color inside. Kroger flower clearance bin had these beautiful roses. Does anyone else in the midst of the moving process or who has gone through it get the urge to just leave everything but your family photos with the house and start over or is that just me? The thought of packing up every.little. thing in the house is so overwhelming.

Okay, babies are so weird sometimes. Carter has developed a new interest in bare toes. Any time he sees Caroline without her socks on and can get to them, he will start chomping on her toes and growling. It's equal parts hilarious and odd. Speaking of odd, Caroline has developed this new habit of laughing at something she'll see that's funny, then saying "haha pregnant" afterwards??? I mean, what in the world? She knows what pregnant means, but has now developed her own new meaning. She like putting her own spin on things. I told her it was raining cats and dogs the other afternoon and her response was "Yep, raining fruits and veggies." Four is a fun age so far. 
My girl is just shooting up like a weed and is still just the sweetest little thing. I look at pictures like the one of her and her daddy below and just can't get over how tall she's gotten in the last few months. She was helping Juston make breakfast bake last weekend. She loves helping in the kitchen and I love those little tippy toes.

She also loves to pretend she's going to school when we're leaving the house to go places. She'll pack her bookbag and her lunch box and it basically makes me want to cry. 

Mom and dad have been having some work done on their house the last couple of weeks and we spend a lot of time there, too. As you can tell, the boys just can't hang with all of the excitement. 

When I lay Carter down for his nap, I always give him his little stuffed elephant to play with until he falls asleep and he's taken to snuggling up with it as he goes to sleep here lately. I just can't get over how dang cute it is to see him hugging his buddy. And finally, speaking of cute, I ordered Caroline this pineapple sweater from Bella Bliss and it's just adorable on her. She was even in the mood to let me make her picture. I can't even deal with the head tilt. ha

Happy weekend, y'all!

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