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Friday, March 24, 2017

One thing that I'm fairly committed to updating once we get into the new house is the bedding in our master bedroom. I got a duvet from Pottery  Barn the year we got married )before I even knew what a duvet was while ordering it haha) and we have had the same one ever since. I've never updated our bedding and I was ready for a change prior to finding out we were moving, but getting into a new space definitely makes me more than ready for a refresh. I have found lots that I really like, but for some reason, I have commitment issues and can't make myself pull the trigger. 

Some days, while I'm browsing online searching for the perfect bedding, I think I'll go the clean and crisp all white route and just add in some color via monogrammed shams or with our drapery and throw pillows. The only issue I foresee with all white bedding would obviously be the fact that we have two young kids and while they're aren't overly messy, accidents happen.

I do feel that if I did white or even solid ivory, an interesting headboard could be a fun way to incorporate some visual interest. I'm not a huge tufted headboard lover, even though I know they're everywhere right now, but the one above is really pretty. I even like the thought of mixing shades of white and ivory or cream together to add some depth to the look of bedding. I'm a big fan on tone on tone.

Another fear I have with the white is that our room will end up feeling like a hotel. I know some people may like that feel, but I'm not one of them. 

How fun is this visual for layering your bed when you  make it up? I'm definitely a visual person, so I like having this handy chart to reference what some people use when making their bed. Ours isn't this elaborate. 
Bedding can cost a small fortune when you start adding it all up. First you have a duvet, coverlet, bedspread, etc, then your bedskirt, then sheets and blankets, shams, pillowcases, decorative pillows....Every time I go to put all this in my cart, I see the total and can't make myself commit to that particular style for the next ten years or so (which is how long we've had our current bedding). 

Here's another look I like because it has a lot of visual interest and depth to it. 

Then I love the idea of adding in some floral prints on some pieces that could be changed out seasonally or whenever I feel the need for a small change. I know I'm way overthinking this bedding thing, but like I said, it's an investment and I want to make the right one. I think maybe getting a solid duvet and mixing the pattern in via coverlet, shams, throws, etc may be the route I choose. 

Here are a few more that I love.

And finally, just for reference, here is our current bedding and our bed just as an idea of what I'm working with. I'd really rather change our bedroom furniture as well, because this is definitely not what I would choose for the master, but Juston had already purchased most of our furniture before we married. We are going to sell a lot of it before we move and update a few area, but I don't think the bedroom furniture will be among what we sell just yet. There's nothing wrong with it, I just wouldn't have picked it. I prefer something a bit smaller and likely antique or at least an antique look, like a four poster bed. 

Does the top of our headboard, footboard and mirror remind anyone else of a mustache? I think maybe that's my issue with it ha. Happy weekend everyone!

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