New (to us) House Planning

Friday, March 31, 2017

As you may have read here by now if you've followed along for a few weeks, Juston and I bought a new (to us, it was built in 1990 so it's not new) house and while it's a great house, there's a lot we are planning to do to it before we move any furniture in. The first order of business, which Juston has already started working on, is removing all of the textured ceilings. I was adamant that it wasn't something that had to be done, but if we were going to, it HAD to be done before we moved any furniture in since it is literally in every. single. room. He has only been at it for about a week, but by putting in a few hours every night after work, Juston has almost finished scraping the entire main floor. Only the whole second floor to go...

After that comes paint. Everything is literally this darn shade of tan or khaki. I'm not sure what to call it, but I am sure it's all got to go. The ceilings aren't very tall so combining that with the dark floors and that dark color on the walls, the rooms are just begging to be lightened up. I'm hoping that a new paint color and the texture off the ceilings will make a big difference in the overall aesthetic of the house. 

After paint, we are moving on to changing out all of the door knobs, light plates and quite a few light fixtures. I've been searching for what I want in these things and the light plates are a simple switch, I'll just go with something basic, neutral and cost effective. We know this isn't our forever home, but I feel like simple changes like these will help with re-sale when the time comes and perhaps help us to get our money back out of it and hopefully a little extra. 

The first light fixture I want to switch out will be the first ones you see coming into the house, the front porch lights. I know that I want something that looks like gas lanterns. Since my dream of Charleston appears to be as far off as ever, I'm trying my best to bring a little bit of Charleston to me with some lights similar to those below.

We don't have gas hooked up in the house and don't have plans to add it, so I just want something that looks the part. 

Next, you move into the foyer of the house and I'm eyeing this pendant from Arhaus instead of the boobie light that's there now.

There are boobie lights all over the house by the way, like the one you see above. I can not unsee it after a friend pointed out to me forever ago that that's exactly what these lights look like. How much of an improvement would that gorgeous Anabella pendant light be?!

I'm hoping to switch out the dining room light as well and am loving this Eiffel Tower inspired light,

Other pendants from Arhaus can be found here 

I mentioned above changing out the doorknobs as well and how gorgeous are these from Emtek. 

Like I said, it's a great house already, but I just can't wait to make it feel more like ours, starting with the changes I mentioned above. I'm also really excited to post about all of our fun changes here. Hope y'all have the best weekend and no one pulls anything over on you Saturday. It's April Fools Day so look alive and trust no one!

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