Easter Weekend Recap

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Easter weekend flew by! Caroline just said to me earlier today that she wanted it to be Easter again because it was the best day ever. We crammed a lot in to one short weekend though. 

Friday afternoon, a friend of mine invited Caroline to an Easter egg hunt at her grandmother's house and she was so excited to go. There were quite a few kids, but their yard was huge and they had over 1,000 eggs, so it was perfect. Carter slept through the entire thing.


 On Saturday, we headed to Lexington to pick up a few last minute basket goodies, we squeezed in a quick visit with one of our Goddaughters, (like we literally met up in a parking lot for 10 minutes, but a few minutes is better than none), then I had some friends in town from Texas that I hadn't seen in years, so we'd made plans to all meet up in Versailles at Wallace Station Deli. They have a huge outside eating area shaded by a bunch of huge oak trees. There was tons of space for the kids to run and that's exactly what they did for a few hours while we all caught up nad we had som egreat food to boot.
 Caroline and Niamh, my friends oldest daughter are only a month apart. They hit it off big time. And Carter was really loving Rowan's crocs! 

We headed back home with just enough time to do the swingset for a bit. Also, another huge difference between my children; Caroline HATED grass until she was probably two. If any part of her bare skin touched it, she'd have a fit. Well, Carter took to it like a pig to mud. He loves walking around barefoot in it. 

We managed to get ready for church with enough time to spare for pictures. 

This was the best picture I could manage of both kids in their outfits. Carter HATES shoes! Both of the kids outfits are from Bailey Boys. 

After church, Caroline had another Easter egg hunt she'd been invited to at my brother-in-laws aunt's house (got that ha). So we headed to that. Carter slept through it as well.

Here's my Easter ensemble. Dress is from J Crew. I ordered a petite since my size was sold out in a regular  length. Shoes are Rowan (best heels ever). Bracelets are Bourbon and Boweties, earrings are Moon and Lola and my hat was a flea market find. 

We finally managed to color some eggs on Sunday evening after we'd hosted my family for Easter dinner. I hope everyone enjoyed their weekends as much as we did!

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