5 Spring Wardrobe Must Haves

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

With a move in the near future for us, I've been looking to clear out and de-clutter as much as possible in every area of our home. One of the first places I set out to tackle was my closet and in doing so, the importance of investing more in timeless staples and less in trendy pieces just really stood out to me. In a time where bloggers are constantly affiliate linking to all sorts of trendy things that will be out of style by this time next year, I definitely went through a phase where I just jumped on things without really thinking the purchase through...a lot of those blogger recommendations were among the things I've cleared out (bubble necklaces, anyone).

It got me to thinking about working my spring wardrobe around some key pieces, and which pieces would those be, which leads me to the purpose of this blog post. In an effort to focus more on the wardrobe staples, I thought I'd share my five spring wardrobe essentials; those pieces that you can build lots of looks around. Not that I don't want any trendy pieces anymore, those things are always fun to incorporate, but these are the staples that serve as the anchor so to speak for those trends.

There is so much you can do with a classic shirt like this one. White jeans, blue jeans, shorts, add a cardigan, dress it up, dress it down, the options are just endless and the blue and white combo has my heart. This one is from Tuckernuck and there are lots of other options for color like pink gingham, solid white, etc. 

I wish I had a dollar for every time I wore my white jeans between Easter and Labor Day. I could have bought lots more pairs of white jeans. I will say, the distressed look makes these more trendy, but the cut of these fits my body type better than some skinny jeans. I have thick thighs and calves, so this straight leg balances out better on me.  

So I know the cork makes these wedges a bit trendy, but the idea of them is classic and chic. A nude wedge can carry you through so many occassions over the warm months. I have a pair of laser cut nude Tory Burch wedges that I wear the heck out of, so find the style that appeals to you and go for it. 

Finding a dress that is a neutral color or subtle pattern with a silhouette that flatters your figure, whatever that may be, is a wardrobe must. A shift style similar to the one above is flattering a a lot of body types.  

It's hard to beat a great bag. I've got a couple of Spartina bags and I just love them. Mine are all patterned, but I love this cognac color as well for a great neutral option that you can carry with anything and everything. I have a couple of really big tote style bags that I carry sometimes, but I just hate how big and bulky those are to carry around. I much prefer the smaller crossbody styles like this one. Anytime I don't need to carry diapers, wipes, paperwork, wallet, snacks, drinks and a million other things required for myself and two kids to leave the house, I opt for these smaller bags. It's much more liberating than carrying around the kitchen sink.

This list could really go on, but those were the first five things that came to my mind when sitting down to write this post. And we'll see how my goal of simplifying to mainly classic, chic staples in my wardrobe goes as we begin the packing and moving process over the next few weeks. Any classic must-haves y'all would add to the list?

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