Carter's First Birthday: Peter Rabbit

Monday, May 1, 2017

Our little Carter man turned one last week, so we celebrated with a party Saturday afternoon. It was a busy weekend with my nephew heading to prom, Carter having a double ear infection. Juston having to move from the townhouse he's been in into the house we bought in our new town and party prepping as well a few other things. We didn't invite a ton of people. mostly just family and a few close friends, but it was a sweet little party for our sweet little man, complete with a Peter Rabbit theme.

How perfect is the cake that my aunt made for the party? I just gave her a general idea of what I wanted and it turned out cuter than I could have imagined. 

She made these little petit fours with carrots on top as well and they fit in so perfectly with the theme. I made a few appetizers and finger foods. It ended up being the perfect amount of food for the amount of people which I very rarely manage to accomplish. I always have TONS of food leftover. 

Turns out prom weekend isn't the best time to drop in the Kroger floral department trying to find some pretty flowers for a centerpiece. There was slim pickings, but I did manage to find some pretty bundles that matched my colors and combined them for the flowers above. The cute plates, napkins and cups came from Beaux Coup's website. They shipping everything SO fast and it was all adorable. I ended up stacking the utensils, wrapping in the napkins and tying twine around them, then sticking them all in a pot. 

My sweet babies. Carter still wasn't feeling his usual happy self at the party. He had no interest in opening gifts or visiting with anyone besides me and his uncle Kursten. Caroline struggled, too and spend half the party in her room crying because she wanted to swing instead of help Carter open his gifts or sing Happy Birthday. It was sort of a shit show, but such is life I suppose. 

We did at least get a decent family picture, so there's that. It was still a good afternoon to get to spend it with family and friends. Once everyone cleared out, the kids ended up having a blast playing with all of Carter's new birthday toys and especially loved the water table I'd picked out. Happy birthday to our sweet boy!

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