Exterior Progress

Friday, May 26, 2017

I thought I'd share a small update we've finished on the exterior of our new house, the shutters. Everything about this house we bought, both inside and outside was SO brown...beige...tan. I don't mind those shades in small doses, but it was literally everything. Take the exterior for example; the brick, the roof, the shutters, the sconces and a lot of the landscape even vary in their brown tone. Well, we're knocking the brown out one step at a time. 

Here's  the picture we took shortly after purchasing. 

And below is the exterior as it currently is. Still a long list to tackle, but wow, just changing the shutter color has made such a big difference already. Juston and I can't agree on painting the brick (I'll let you guess who falls on which side of this discussions;)) so we're going to start with painting the siding around the dormers and where the roof pitch changes. It's sort of a primer gray shade right now and we're going to paint it a creamy white. Has anyone ever painted siding before? I'm doing it either way, but am curious how it's held up for anyone who has done it. 

Here are a couple of other "Before's" that I believe were from the listing. Juston is going to build some window boxes that I'll paint to match the shutters and I feel like that will add some much needed depth and dimension to the front of the house. We played with the idea of adding a portico, but ultimately decided we're rather put that money towards doing some bathroom updates instead. 

And another "In Progress After". We've really thinned out the landscaping as well, but most of that has taken place out back. The back yard was a like a jungle...or a mosquito heaven. Either way, we needed to get a lot more sunlight back there so that we could get a spot for our garden we'll be planting, hopefully soon. You can see the two trees on the right side of the house that we removed out front. 

I'll share some photos of the back changes once it shapes up a bit more. I feel like the house is slowly waking up again and it's a fun process to watch. I'm having commitment issues with the front door color. I know I want to do something fun and bold and I thought I'd narrowed it down to two choices, but now that I'm seeing the shutters up, I'm opening up to some other options as well. I want to add in some color with the window box flowers and adding in some more colorful foliage in the front landscaping. We'll be adding black iron railings on either side of the front porch steps as well. I'm going to hold off on painting the front steps until close to the end of our exterior update. I've also considered painting the downspouts the same color as the shutters as well, but haven't committed to that yet either. I think we're going to do one step at a time where paint is concerned before committing to the next step. 

Our remaining front exterior to-do list looks something like this, in order of completion:

Paint Front Door and change hardware
Add stair railing
Add Window Boxes
Paint Siding
Add lantern lights on either side of the door (and a flag)

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