Kitchen Reno Inspiration

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

One of the bigger projects we'll be tackling with our new house is renovating the kitchen...on a tight budget. We feel like based on the neighborhood comparables, we got a great deal on the house we bought and we have set a budget for updates that we feel will still leave us some room when we move out of this house in a few years to hopefully recoup our investment and make a little bit as well. Anyway, I narrowed down our countertop material to three options as seen below for Juston to choose his favorite. I love all of them, so I'm good regardless of what he chooses. 

We are definitely doing a white shaker cabinet. I feel like that style is timeless and appeals to almost anyone. I'm partial to things that I feel like aren't trendy even though they may be in style and popular right now if that makes any sense. Like white subway tile for example. I know it's everywhere right now and super on trend, but it's also in homes built a hundred years ago and true to that period as well, so I feel like it has staying power. 

I have some before pictures of the kitchen, as well as the plans our contractors have developed that I'll share soon as well, but this post is for sharing some of the kitchens I've pinned on Pinterest for inspiration. So, without further ado....

 Y'all, in a perfect world, these gorgeous soapstone countertops would fit neatly into the budget we set for the kitchen space...but alas, it doesn't fit. But I'm okay with it since I know this isn't our forever home. A girl can still dream though. I explored the idea of doing honed black granite as a substitute for the soapstone, but the granite man I spoke with really discouraged it citing a ridiculous amount of upkeep which could prove challenging with all the cooking we do plus two kids. So I scratched that idea, but ultimately, I love really dark countertops, or really light. I'm not a fan of the in between and I'm not a fan of things in the tan/brown family personally. I've shared the dark countertop inspo, so below is the light countertop inspiration. 

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