Whatever Wednesday

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Happy Hump Day, y'all! We're on the downhill slide rolling on into Derby weekend! We don't really have anything special planned for Derby weekend aside from making my traditional meal of hot browns, bourbon meatballs and Derby Pie. and of course there will be mint juleps all served while we watch the race. I think one of my favorites parts of race day is seeing the backstory of all the ponies and the trainers or jockeys. That's usually when I make my pick. I also like to watch the coverage of that one lady riding the horse while doing interviews just to see if she'll fall off again. Did anyone else see that a few years ago? Am I a bad person for finding that funny? I mean, she didn't get hurt. 

Anyway, time for another Whatever Wednesday post, which is just basically a random mix of what's running through my brain at the moment.

What I'm Listening To//

Delta Rae's Long and Happy Life is just one of those songs that puts me in a great mood when I listen to it. 

What I'm Watching (and LOVING)//

Home Town on HGTV had my heart from the pilot episode that aired over a year ago. Restoring these old home to their former glory just warms my heart and inspires me so much. The designs that Erin comes up with and the craftsmanship Ben puts into the pieces he builds are right up my alley. Check out some of the pictures below. Have y'all watched? What are your thoughts?

Can you even handle to coral front door?! I love the whole color scheme executed on the exterior of the house above. 

The fact that they maintained some of the original wallpaper on the fireplace above makes me happy. Most people would just rip it all off and slap some gray or white on the walls, but I love that they preserved just a bit of the history in the dining room for the next generation. It may not be everyone's taste, but I love it. 

I love that Erin incorporates color in her designs and makes every place so unique to the new owners. In an Instagram world where all the white and light gray rules, these bright colors are giving me life!

Who wouldn't want to sit for a spell on that porch? Okay, I could post pictures of their designs all day ant not get tired, so I'll stop, but if you haven't caught the show, it comes on HGTV every Tuesday at 10 and was just renewed for a second season of Southern charm. 

What I'm Wanting//

For the first time in my married life, I will have a proper dining room in which to entertain guests once we move into the new house, so I've chosen the dining room table pictured below tentatively. I'd really, really love to happen across a great antique table instead, but I do still love this one if we end up buying new. It's from the Paula Deen furniture line. 

Well, that's it for today. Everyone have a great Wednesday!

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