Carter's Nursery

Thursday, July 27, 2017

 I'm not sure what's taken me so long on this post, but I finally wanted to share Carter's nursery here. It's one of my favorite rooms in the house. Granted, the house is on the market currently and we're fixing to sell and move, so some aspects of this room didn't get finished exactly how I wanted them to, but I just love this space so much. 

Carter's room is what once was our guest room, which was also a favorite of mine at the time. Part of what I love so much about it now is the family history behind a lot of the pieces I used in  the room. 

The crib was my daddy's crib when he was a baby. My sister and I used it, her kids used it, Caroline used it and now it's Carter man's spot to rest his head. I've painted it a few times since we've started using it. It was a bright white when it was in Caroline's nursery, but I used a cream shade once I settled on how to decorate Carter's space. 

The glider that we use was also in Caroline's nursery, but I'd made a slipcover for it when it was in there. Before it was Caroline's, my sister had it in my nephew's nursery about seventeen years ago! The little stuffed animals in the chair are handmade by a relative; the bear being especially sentimental to me because she made it using a sweater that was my Papaw Scott's. Carter Scott was named after him:) And the blanket on the back was made by my mom when we found out Carter was a boy. I love this little corner of the nursery. 

I can't tell you the last time we used the changing pad, but I haven't taken it out yet. Something about removing baby items from the room just seems a little bit sad. It all just passes so quickly, doesn't it? I found the chest (it's actually a server) above at an antique market in Lexington a few years ago. It matches a buffet we currently have in our foyer, but since our new home has a formal dining room, both of those pieces will be in there.

These little baskets on the wall are from Magnolia, Chip and Joana's online shop. They're great for diaper storage and as a catchall for things like lotions, diaper creams, etc. 

The little car on top of the marble top chest was also handmade by a relative and given to Carter as a gift. I found the sign on Etsy, and I just love that quote from Peter Pan. 

Carter's room in the new house will likely look a lot different. The two chests will be used in other spots in the house, he only has one window in his room so I'm not sure if I'll use the cornices we made or not. Then before we know it, he'll be transitioning into a toddler bed (probably not for at least a year, but most parents can attest to how quickly a year passes).  I have a bit of a blank slate to work with in there, so I thought about utilizing some online design service to get me going and help me develop a clear vision for his new space. Has anyone ever tried online design services before? What are your thoughts if you have?

I've been perusing the website Havenly and am really loving what I'm seeing there. They have a page of their Interior Designers and will match you to a designer who's a good fit for your taste and style. You can filter according to your design style (I'd say I lean towards classic/traditional and preppy with a touch of coastal in some spaces) as well as your geographic region, because let's face it, a lot of us Southerners have a taste all our own ;) More is more!

Anyway, I'm looking forward to sharing our new home as we undertake lots of updates, additions and changes over the coming months. Keep checking back here and there will be lots more decorating posts to come! Also, I think I've finally decided on a new name for the blog, so once I have a new page design, I'll be making the switch!

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