Kitchen Progress Update

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Our new (to us) house in Elizabethtown is coming right along thanks to Juston; I'm making all the requests adn design choices and he's doing all the work. The kitchen is currently mid-renovation, so I thought I'd post a little update to share. Below are some pictures of the kitchen from the original listing when we bought the house. Don't be fooled; it looks really great in the pictures, but when we actually got in the kitchen and looked more closely, someone had put lipstick on a pig. The granite counters were nice, but the cabinets were original to the house (built in 1990), in really rough shape and had been painted very poorly. There were visible paint runs and they just weren't what they look like in the listing pictures. 

Since those pictures, Juston has removed ALL of the cabinets, taken down the backsplash, replaced the flooring that was under the island since we're turning it a different way. The original linoleum flooring was under the cabinets when he tore them out, so he had to take some of the new flooring out of what was the master closet (more on that transformation to come), to patch in where the island was. I have a lot more pictures than what I'm sharing today, but I don't want to bore you.  

Here are a few pictures of the current state of the kitchen. We are saving a fortune since Juston is doing all of the work himself, but it's also moving slower since he only has time to work on it after he's worked all day already, bless his heart. I'm not much help since I always have the kids with me and they don't allow for me to accomplish much in the way of home improvements, so we've just stayed out of the way aside from making design decisions. 

This wall where the kitchen was will become a butler's pantry of sorts and will add a ton of storage space. We're moving the fridge to another wall where the stove once was. I really wanted to take the cabinets all the way to the ceiling since the ceilings aren't very tall on the first floor, so Juston removed the soffit that was there, and naturally that couldn't just be simple. He ran into a plumbing issue with a drain coming down from the kids bathroom upstairs, as well as some copper water lines inside those soffits. After consulting with a plumber, he was able to move it all up into the ceiling himself so that we can forge ahead. 

We are keeping the sink in the same spot under the window. He did discover some mold where the sink is when the drywall was removed. Apparently, it had leaked at some point and the previous owners had just painted over the evidence of the leak instead of fixing it. So insulation, plastic and drywall has since been replaced here. 

Our stove will be going in the center of the wall above instead of the small cooktop that occupied the island before. The new island is going to have a step down and tons of prep space as well as a spot to put barstools and eat. I feel like the new layout will be so much more conducive to our lives and will really improve the overall flow of the kitchen. 

Our new cabinets have arrived and Juston is working on getting those installed this week, then the granite company will be coming back to measure for our countertops. I selected the middle option pictured below; it's a quartz. I really loved the darkest options as well, but Juston couldn't get on board with the dark countertops and what he feels are dark floors. I think it would have balanced out nicely with the white cabinets and a bright backsplash, but I loved all three of the pictured options, so I was good with whichever he chose. 

We went with a shaker cabinet, the top stone you see pictured on it below and I'm still trying to decide which backsplash option I want to do. I'm torn between a classic white subway tile, the greenish/gray subway tile below or maybe an arabesque tile. 

This is a really fun process from my perspective, but I'm sure poor Juston would disagree. Once the kitchen is completed, we're selecting a move-in date for the kids, myself and the majority of our belongings. We're going to wait to renovate the upstairs bathrooms until we're moved in and until our house in Maysville sells. We're also tackling tons of other small and some not-so-small projects inside and outside that I'll share here as we get to them.

As far as the materials that were in the kitchen, we're also finishing the basement and Juston wants a wet bar, so we're using the best of the cabinets that came out of the kitchen as well as having the granite re-cut to fit that layout. We're using the rest of that granite and putting it in the mudroom in place of the white laminate counters that are there now. I'm so excited to see it all come together and will do a reveal post here once it's all ready to show. Hope everyone had a great 4th of July!

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