Topsail Beach, NC Family Vacation

Monday, July 3, 2017

We are still trying to figure out how our last week at the beach went by so much quicker than any other week?! I swear, everytime I'm at the beach, I have to seriously ask myself why I don't live on the coast. I don't really have a good answer. I'd love to raise my kids in a small coastal town where every day could be an outdoor adventure...except the hurricane days I suppose. 

Anyway, I thought I'd do a quick recap of our family vacation to Topsail Beach. We left last Friday afternoon and stayed the night in Chapel Hill, just to break the drive up for the kids, then Saturday, after a quick pitstop in Beaufort, NC, we headed on down to North Topsail Beach and our house for the week. IT was our little family, my sister's family and my parents all sharing a house, and while it can get crazy and loud at times (mostly thanks to my kids), we love the family time so much. 

We've staying in Outer Banks a few times, as well as Beaufort (NC), but this was our first time staying at North Topsail Beach. I really liked the beach itself; the water was pretty calm, but there was still enough wave action for the kids to boogie board, there were plenty of cool shells to be found, and there were not many people at all since we were staying in a neighborhood of homes instead of a condo stip (I'm looking at your Myrtle Beach).  We were right next to Surf City, which is where we had to go to get groceries, gas, find restaurants, shops, etc. and the drive was only about five-ten minutes. 

Carter woke up bright and early every single day of vacation. He normally gets up around eight, maybe a little before. Well, he was up by 6:15 am every day for some reason. I think it was because he was in the room with us and could hear us moving around, etc. but, it wasn't that bad because it gave me an excuse to get up and run most mornings we were there. Am I the only person who gets to the beach and thinks, "I'd be in such great shape if I lived here."? I'd have no problem motivating myself to run if I could do it on the beach every morning. 

I didn't manage to take very many good pictures. I remembered to take my good camera, which is rare, but I forgot the charger for it. That is such a typical Jena move, I have to say ha. Most mornings, Caroline and I would head to the beach after breakfast and play for a bit, then hit the pool after that until lunch time. We brought Carter to the beach for about 30 minutes to an hour every day. The first day, he was not about the sand at all, but liked the water. Well, that didn't last long. By the second day taking him to the beach, he was all over it! Eating sand, picking up shells, running as fast as his little legs would take him into the waves. It was adorable. Both of my babies love the beach, so that means Juston is now seriously outnumbered. He loves to fish, but doesn't love the beach so much. 

We tried to take some family photos on the beach Wednesday evening and failed miserably. I had a feeling Carter wasn't going to be cooperative and I was completely accurate. He screamed anytime someone tried to hold him for a picture and just wanted to roll around in the sand, eating it occasionally. We didn't get a single good picture with him in it. There are some memorable shots though, I'll give him that. 

We only went out to eat one night, to Sears Landing, and it okay, but nothing special that I'd go out of my way to visit again. It was right on the water, so the scenery was pretty. I think I'm just spoiled from doing most of my restaurant eating in Charleston so often. Nothing else really measures up. Juston took Caroline and went with my sister's family our last nigth to go putt-putting and she's the only one to get a hole in one!  

We had a great week with the whole family, but it went by too fast for my liking. 

Our next trip on the agenda is Greenville, SC (Suggestions welcome as it's our first time visiting) and then Charleston for our ten year anniversary!

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