Monday, July 10, 2017

When I was fixing to graduate from college, I was a lover of Nicholas Sparks books and a lover of fitness. I know that sounds totally random, but bare with me, I swear there's a point here.  I'd already been working as a personal trainer for about a year at a gym in Northern Kentucky where I was going to school and wanted to continue to pursue a career in the health and fitness industry, so when it came time to apply for jobs, I was applying for gyms all over the North Carolina coast, primarily in Morehead City, New Bern, the Outer Banks and Wilmington. If you've read Nicholas Sparks, you know his books primarily take place in North Carolina. So to spite never having been to any of these places, I was more than ready to up and move. I'd done phone interviews with quite a few places and had a few offers for jobs when a full time position came open as the Fitness Director at the YMCA in my hometown. I applied for it, too and since there were benefits and retirement involved, I figured I'd start out there and then transfer to a Y in North Carolina. I ended up meeting Juston through working at the Y and the rest is history, I suppose. 

I still have it in our five-ten year plan to end up living in North Carolina. I'd love to raise our kids there because everyplace we've ever been there, we've loved and met so many great people. I also feel like much of the entire state is really conducive to getting outdoors a lot. Anyway, the whole point of all that backstory is that while we were in Topsail Beach, I decided to do a day trip to Wilmington with Caroline, my mom and my niece. It did not disappoint and it has moved into the top five places I'd like to move now. We saw some absolutely stunning homes while we were there. One thing we also did was google the addresses for the houses used in the filming of One Tree Hill, one of my all time favorite shows. So here you go, so of the gorgeous homes we saw on our trip. 

And for any fellow One Tree Hill fans, here are some places you just might recognize.

Hey Brooke Davis (my favorite), you still behind that red door? The neighborhood this home was located in was unbelievable gorgeous. Every home was prettier than the next. 

Home of Lucas (Karen) Scott above. It's so cute in person. The pic I snapped stopped at a stop sign doesn't do it justice. 

And finally, Dan and Deb (Nathan) Scott's place from the early seasons. We also found the old location of Karen's Cafe and the bridge from the opening credits. Apparently (and sadly), the River Court is no longer around. We had a fun little trip and I'm hoping we'll find our way back really soon. 

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