Whatever Wednesday

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

What I'm watching:

 So Sharp on Lifetime

Y'all, why do I get sucked into these ridiculous reality shows? I just can't help myself. So Sharp comes on Lifetime Channel every Tuesday at 10 and it follows the Louisville Ladybirds dance team as they prepare for Nationals. I'm sort of obsessed with it. Does anyone else watch it? 

What I'm reading:

I started this book a few weeks ago and it's really good, but it takes me awhile to get through Conroy books. His writing is so lyrical and well thought out that it's almost like digesting it takes twice as long so I don't read tons of it at a time. I'm loving it so far though. I also have a stack of fall books calling my name as soon as I finish this one.

What I'm wanting: 

 How cute is this blouse for fall?? It's from Sugar but it's currently sold out, so I'm hoping it'll come back in stock soon. I think it would be so, so cute with gray skinny jeans and black booties...or black skinny jeans and gray booties.

What I'm over:

Is anyone else out there just totally over the Lilly After Party Sale? I think it's just such a mess every single year. How do you have the same issues every time and never get them fixed? I shopped the sale last year and more than half of what I was able to order ended up getting cancelled due to stock issues. I don't know, I just feel like the brand is getting over-saturated and as it's grown in popularity, the customer service has declined. I'm over it. I'll still wear my Lilly and probably still shop there every now and then, but as a whole, not really feeling it anymore. 

Our Weekend

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

The kids and I headed to Elizabethtown at the end of last week to stay at the new house for a few days and try to get some work done and also because Caroline was invited to ride in her first parade! More on that in a minute, but here's a look at our new countertops. Most of them are in, but they still haven't finished a job that was scheduled to have been completed last Wednesday which is a little bit frustrating when us moving in  hinges on this kitchen getting finished. The company we're working with is supposed to be taking the old granite countertops and re-working them to fit the kitchenette we're putting in the basement. Those counters are currently sitting in the living room so we can't paint in there until those are moved out. It's not a huge deal in the grand scheme of things, but the company has been scheduled to show up and have this done literally every day since last Wednesday and there's always a reason they have to cancel at the last minute. At least what's in there looks pretty.

We have never lived in a town where there's a Chick Fil A, so literally every day we're in Elizabethtown, Caroline begs to go there. I managed to get one more peach milkshake before they go out of season and Carter Scott ended up with most of it. He also tried and loved chicken nuggets. This was the first time I let them go in and eat and subsequently play in the playplace and of course, Carter licked the playplace. Shocking that he now has a cold. Babies are gross sometimes.

Now for the parade...it was the Heartland parade which is apparently something annual in Elizabethtown. The college had a car and Juston was asked to ride in it, so naturally Caroline was so excited to tag along, too. I didn't think Carter would be too excited to sit still in a car moving 3 miles an hour, so he and I waited until the last minute to grab a spot at the end of the parade route and watch. He whined most of the time, but we did manage to see Juston and Caroline ride by before we left. 

After the parade, we headed back home for my class reunion that evening!  I was so glad to get to catch up with some people I hadn't seen since graduating high school. We met up with our friends Marc and Meredith for dinner before the reunion. Meredith and I have been best friends since 2nd grade and our girls love hanging out, too! They live in Cincinnati, so we don't get to hang out as often as I'd like.

These ladies were some of the best friends you could ever ask for. I just love them! 

And my outfit...I love any excuse to get dressed up and head out for a bit.

Top: Cynthia Rowley from Nordstrom Rack | Jeans: J Crew Toothpick ankle jeans | Shoes: Blossom Shoes and Such | Clutch: Suite 33 | Earrings: Lisi Lerch 

Hope everyone had a good weekend.

Gameday Girl

Friday, August 25, 2017

Y'all, the most magical time of year is almost upon us.... It's almost football time in the South again (and all God's people said 'amen'). There are few things I love more than tailgating and football season in our neck of the woods. Nobody does a football game like us Southerners. Juston and I actually have a goal to attend a game in every SEC stadium over the next few years. So far, we've done our favorite teams a few times each (I'm a Georgia girl and he's a Tennessee guy). We've also done Auburn, Alabama and Kentucky. We're planning to do Vanderbilt this season since we'll be living so close. We still have quite a few to knock out, but we're getting there. Caroline has already done two stadiums (Georgia and Tennessee) and Carter has done one (Georgia). 

There are so many things I love about game day; the pageantry, the bond the fans share, the passion you can see in the players and coach, the band, the cheerleaders, the halftime show, the tailgating, the food while tailgating, meeting other fans and I could go on and on. But one of my favorite things on any given game day is to see what all the other ladies are wearing. Gameday fashion may sound silly in some places, but in the South, the ladies turn out in their best for their favorite team. 

I've put together some great outfit options for any of you fellow Georgia fans out there. The first half of the season, it's still usually blazing hot, so these outfit ideas are warm weather friendly.

 Shirt: www.scsugar.com | Shorts: J Crew Factory | Shoes: Jack Rogers | Purse: Rebecca Minkoff from Nordstrom
Shirt: Alter'd State | Skirt: French Connection | Shoes: Lilly Bee | Purse: Rebecca Minkoff from Nordstrom | Bracelets: Bourbon and Boweties | Earrings: www.scsugar.com

 Peplum Top: Annie Griffin | Jeans: J Crew Factory | Shoes: Lilly Bee | Purse: Rebecca Minkoff from Nordstrom | Bracelets: Bourbon and Boweties | Earrings: Beaufort Linen Co.

 Top: Revolve | Jean Shorts: J Crew | Shoes: YellowBox Sandals | Purse: Coach

Top: Laroque | Skirt: Annie Griffin | Shoes: Jack Rogers | Purse: Coach

Most of these looks will carry you through the first couple of months of games, maybe longer. Transitioning to fall is simple, too. You can throw on a cute cardigan or jean jacket over the sleeveless tops, and instead of flip flops, add some cute booties. A couple of great options for those can be found here at Blossom Shoes and here at King Ranch Saddle Shop.  Some of my favorite online shops to find great gameday attire that's also great everyday wear are Laroque, Sugar, and Elizabeth Wilson Designs.  The only downside to Elizabeth Wilson is that things sell out SO quickly on her site every time new things are loaded and the lead time to get pre-ordered items is about 6 weeks. It took me three tries to get a top I wanted, but it is absolutely adorable and great quality. The company is run completely by a high school girl right out of Lexington, KY. She makes everything herself and it's all adorable. Worth the wait in my opinion. 

So, who are y'all cheering for this season? Are you going to any games? Go Dawgs!

Greek Pasta Salad

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

If you are looking for a super quick, simple, fresh and delicious recipe to whip up for a cookout, potluck, etc. this post is for you. I came across this recipe on a friend's Instagram a couple of weeks ago and got around to trying it over the weekend. I think the total time invested is something like 10-15 minutes. So here ya go, Greek Pasta Salad:


1 box farfalle (bowtie) pasta cooked (in salted water) and drained
1 medium sized cucumber diced (you can peel if you want but I didn't)
1/4 jar of Kalamata olives, halved
Feta Cheese
1 pint cherry or grape tomatoes halved
Italian Dressing

Once you cook and drain the bowtie pasta, add the diced cucumbers, halved tomatoes, halved olives, feta cheese (I used about half the container) and about 1/3 bottle Italian dressing. Mix together, making sure the dressing coats everything, and serve. I prefer this warm, but you can serve chilled as well. I did have to add more dressing to this when we got it out the next day to eat. The noodles and veggies had soaked up a lot of the dressing from the day before. 

That's it...its that simple! And it's so good! I'd honestly never had olives before in my life as far as I know but I didn't mind them a bit. Especially when combined with all the other ingredients.

Life Lately

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Things have been crazy around here as usual lately. It's so hard to feel like we've settled into any sort of schedule when we're living in three different places at any given time, but we're trying to make the best of it. I thought I'd do a life lately post today. 

First up is these chairs you see below.  I found them on CraigsList last week and Juston picked them up for me on his way back to Elizabethtown this past weekend. Can I just tell you how nervous CraigsList makes me? I definitely asked Juston to be sure and take his gun with him, then call and leave me on the phone until he got them packed up and back on the road. I've watched way too many Lifetime channel movies for my own good. I'm planning to find a pretty fabric to recover the cushions with, maybe something linen in a creamy color. Then I'll find some pillows for the chairs. My plan is to use these in the Keeping Room of the new house. I still haven't seen them in person yet.

I took this little cutie to the dentist last week to have her molars sealed. After her bi-annual cleaning, the dentist recommended it as a preventative measure to keep her from getting cavities since she has deeply grooved molars. She was absolutely the best patient ever so she earned a trip to Dairy Queen that day. Perfect post dentist treat, right?

Carter Scott is absolutely ornery, in case you couldn't tell just from looking at him ;) He is in that phase that I think most babies go through where if the least little thing doesn't go his way, he will pitch a hissy fit of epic proportions. He is SO dramatic right now. I'm really hoping he'll outgrow this stage rather quickly because I do not have the patience for bratty behavior. He ought to learn pretty fast that mama don't play that game. 

Caroline turned five at the beginning of this month and I swear, her independence level has grown so much over the last few weeks as well. She will brush her teeth as soon as she gets out of bed without being asked to, she uses the bathroom and washes her hands on her own without asking me to come with her, she climbs in the car and buckles her own carseat all by herself and she tried to help me with everything, especially cooking and her little brother. Occasionally I have to give the two of them a bath together, and she will wash his hair for him when I do. She's also started using safety scissors and chewing gum. She's just the best girl ever. I know I say that a lot, but it's true. 

Did y'all watch the eclipse yesterday? A friend of ours came through at the last minute with some glasses for us since Juston forgot to bring ours home that he had. Caroline was so into it and asked to go out every five minutes or so to check it out. We only had about 91% coverage, but it was still really neat. 

We had three showings on our house over the weekend, which is more than we've had all month, so that was good. We still haven't had any offers on it, but are hopeful that one of these showings may result in an offer soon. I told my broker when we were talking about it the other day that I wouldn't mind having two house payments if one of the houses was at the beach or the lake, but otherwise it's getting old.  It'll be nice once we sell it to just have to maintain one house ourselves day to day and to go from three home bases to two. I'll still be working in my hometown, so the kids and I will be here a few days a week even after we get moved. We'll just stay with my parents on the days I'm here for work. 

Speaking of work, check out my views while previewing a home for a client this morning...

I just love my town.  And I'm also loving my job! I only wish I'd started sooner because I'm having so much fun. Don't get me wrong, it's a lot of time invested in things that may not always result in a paycheck, but I love every aspect of it. I love meeting and working with new people, I love seeing inside some of the beautiful homes here in town that I've always loved, I love the company and boss I'm working with. I look forward to growing my business in the months to come. 

And check out this neighboring home on the same street I was looking at this morning. Such a stunner. 

That's all I've got for today. I'm hoping that next week will be the week I get my site all switched over to the new name and domain so be on the lookout for that change! Have a great week!

Fireplace Update Inspiration

Thursday, August 17, 2017

While our fireplace isn't a project that's at the forefront of our to-do list in the new house, it's definitely on my radar to have the project tackled before it's time to decorate for Christmas this winter, so I have been scouring Pinterest for ideas about some possible solutions. 

Here is the fireplace as it was when we purchased the home. This photo is from the listing, so the room looks slightly different right now, but not much. We've just changed the paint color on the wall so far and that's about it. 

We plan to use this room as a formal sitting room or a more formal living room. It's a really large open space as you can see, but our plans will give it a couple of more defined spaces once it all comes together. The windows where the window seat is in this picture will be where we are doing a porch addition, so that seat is coming out and we will be putting a set of double doors there. I haven't decided exactly how I want to lay out the seating around the fireplace either, but that's a dilemma for another day. Then the far end of the room opposite the fireplace will become a Keeping Room of sorts with a couple of chairs flanking a little bar table. Back to fireplace talk...

Right now, we're pretty wide open about what to do with the fireplace, but we're thinking either paint it, or do some sort of millwork on it. Here are a few inspiration photos for if we were to paint. 

Do we take it completely white and bright?

Do more of a limewash to keep much of the brick exposed? I love this look!

Or do something a bit less conventional and take it dark? The room is so bright with all the natural light, plus a new lighter paint color, so I think it could carry this dark on the fireplace well. 

Then there is the option to go minimal with the mantle and leave most of the brick still exposed, like below. 

To be honest, right now, I'm leaning towards something very similar to what is pictured below. 

We've discussed the possibility of adding shelving and storage on either side, but as silly as it sounds, I wouldn't  have a place to put the Christmas tree if we did that. I have my heart set on having our Christmas tree by the fireplace. But I do like the idea of having the additional storage and visual interest of the shelving.

And then there's the dark side of the woodwork option, which I also love. 

We're fairly certain that we won't be doing a tv above the mantle since we'll have one in the room right behind this one. We will most likely run a cable hookup behind any woodwork we do in the event that whoever buys this house when we move out would want the option to have it. Hiding it behind the woodworking is a great option. The mantle on the fireplace we have is unfortunately bowed pretty bad, so we won't be able to keep it. I'm hoping to find something antique maybe that we can build around. But if not, Juston will build something. 

Anyone have any favorites out of those options? If you've ever painted brick before, please let me know your thoughts. My parents would probably never let me hear the end of it if we do paint it. haha They do not believe in painting brick! I'm hoping to share some kitchen progress late next week, so be sure to check back here for that!

Summer Succotash

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

I'm always looking for ways to incorporate the fresh vegetables that are available from produce stands and farmer's markets in the warmer months, so I tried a new recipe for succotash recently. It turned out so good that I wanted to share the recipe here. I originally found the recipe via Southern Living. My husband does not much care for lima beans, but he loved this, so don't be deterred by those, I know they aren't the most popular vegetable. 


2 cups lima beans
1/2 small onion (don't dice it up, use leave the half in tact)
4 fresh thyme sprigs
1 whole garlic clove

Put those ingredients listed above into a pot and add enough water to cover them. Bring this to a boil, then reduce heat to a simmer for about 20 minutes. Drain the beans, but save 3/4 cup of the cooking liquid. Discard the thyme, onion and garlic clove. 

Cook 3-4 slices of bacon in a large skillet and remove once cooked through. Leave the grease in the skillet and drain bacon on a paper towel. 


Dice an onion and add it to the skillet. While that cooks, take 6 corn cobs and cut the corn from the cob, then add it to the skillet. Cook about 5 minutes until the corn is tender. Next, add 1 pint of halved cherry tomatoes, the cooked lima beans, 2 tablespoons butter, 1 tablespoon red wine vinegar, 1.5 tablespoons chopped fresh dill and 1.5 tablespoons fresh chives. Salt and pepper to taste and top with the crumbled bacon.




Monday, August 14, 2017

  My baby girl turned FIVE last Monday and we spent all last week celebrating. We started last Saturday by spending the day in Lexington. We took Caroline, Carter and my niece Camden and did a fun day just for Caroline.  

First, we went to Get Air, the trampoline park to burn off some energy, followed by a trip to The Cheesecake Factory to grab some of their new celebration cheesecake. If it has sprinkles, Caroline is sold. They sang us Happy Birthday (we share a birthday) and some sweet person paid for all of our cheesecake before we could.


Next, we headed to Toys R Us to let Caroline choose one thing she wanted for her birthday. She chose a small indoor trampoline that she has had a blast playing with since she and Juston put it together. After Toys R US, we headed to Jacobson Park to do some fishing and I'm not exaggerating when I say Caroline caught a fish almost every time she cast out. 

After a couple of hours fishing, we headed back home. On Caroline's actual birthday, Monday, we started off the morning heading out to get some birthday donuts and grabbed a balloon while we were at the store (which Carter later bit and popped). 

 I had hopes of taking Caroline swimming since she loves it, but the weather wasn't in a cooperative mood and it was unusually chilly and misting, so instead, we headed to the library to get Caroline her very own library card. You have to be five to get one and she was SO excited for this. She played for a bit in the children's library and chose five books to check out with her own card. 

After the library, the weather had warmed up a bit and the rain moved out, so we took cousin Camden again and went to the park by the river to play. I tried to just plan a little bit of lots of Caroline's favorite things. Juston surprised her by coming home for the evening to watch her open some presents. She chose pizza for dinner, of course. So we ate and when it was time to open presents, Juston's phone got a very important birthday call. Princess Belle called to let Caroline know that both of us birthday girls were taking a trip to Disney World this fall!! We are beyond excited for this trip!

I planned Caroline's birthday party for this past Friday evening. It was small and we just had family out, but she had a blast and was so excited to get her new knee pads and her science kit she's been wanting. 

The party was Trolls themed and my Aunt Judy from Magee's Bakery made the Poppy cake.

We had a fantastic week celebrating my best girl. She's the sweetest, most tender-hearted little blessing and I could not ask for a better daughter. I'm so blessed God made me her mama. I learn so much from her every day. 

Greenville, SC

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

  Warning: picture heavy post ahead.  A couple of weeks ago, Juston and I took off to Charleston for a few days to celebrate our ten year anniversary, which was August 4. Well, we left Charleston on a Tuesday, drove back home to Kentucky, then headed our Wednesday afternoon for Greenville, South Carolina. I know, we're crazy, but our Charleston trip was just the two of us and we really wanted to bring the kids along with us to Greenville, so it worked out great, just lots of driving. 

Neither Juston nor myself had ever been to Greenville, but I'd been hearing wonderful things about it for the last few years, so when he told me he had a conference there, the kids and I were really excited to tag along. We stayed right in downtown at a Marriott in a suite room and it worked out great since Carter does not sleep well in the same room as the rest of us. The suites are a great option when you travel with kids to have seperated sleep space. We were able to put Carter's pack and play in the bedroom and shut the door while Caroline and I worked on crafts in the other room until naptime was over. So...on to out newest city obsession. I'll start with the scenery that was all just a couple of blocks walking distance from our hotel.

The kids and I started every morning off by loading down the double stroller with the essentials and striking out to walk downtown. We'd take the Swamp Rabbit trail until we found something fun that they wanted to get out and explore whether it was watching the ducks swimming around, stopping in O-Cha for pineapple green tea and sprinkle cookies,  or their personal favorite, the splash pad. I'm not kidding when I say that I think we were all sold and ready to move to Greenville after the first day there. Caroline asked if we could just please stay forever. 

Also within walking distance of our hotel were tons of amazing restaurants and shopping. We ate at Tupelo Honey Cafe, Brazwell's Premium Pub (twice) and a pizza place and all were excellent. I was really hoping to hit Sassafras Southern Cafe, but we ran out of time before we could. 

With the exception on Saturday once the conference was over, it was just the kids and myself exploring while Juston was in sessions for his conference. He really got to explore the industry and revitalization side of Greenville as a part of the conference and he really loved it as well. The kids and I also walked to the zoo (which I don't recommend if you're wearing flip flops and pushing two kids in a stroller, but we made it) and walked to the Children's Garden one morning as well. We managed to squeeze in some splash pad time every single day we were there. Priorities :)

Here are a few more snaps from the trip.

Pate family road trips aren't complete without a Cracker Barrel stop

Our first morning out exploring the city.

Splash Pad Heaven for these two. 

 The Barnyard portion of the Greenville Zoo. It's not huge (the zoo), but it's very affordable ($10 for adults, $4 for kids up to twelve and under two free). There are also GREAT playgrounds just outside of the zoo entrance. 

Wore slap out from all the zoo fun. We walked back mainly via the Swamp Rabbit Trail, but part of it was shut down for construction, so we had to detour. 

 Finally getting to explore with Daddy. 

Walking along the Reedy River. 

Enjoying a sprinkle cookie from O-Cha.  This place had amazing flavor infused green tea blends. The pineapple was my favorite. 

I'd say that Greenville is easily in our top three favorite cities after just one visit. We're planning to return in November for a few days. The thing I loved the most was just the constant motion. We were out and about all times of day, different days of the week and no matter when it was, there was always a crowd milling about. Not in a crowded way though, just in a way that made you want to get out and be a part of it all as well. There were tons of great restaurants and shopping, lots of activities for kids, adults, families, single folks, etc. Literally something for everyone. I truly mean it when I say that I think moving to this town just became a very serious consideration for us within the next five years or so. It's just a very neat place that I could see raising our babies and being very happy. 

I'll work on putting together a city guide of all the things we did and would recommend to anyone looking to visit. In the meantime, I'll be planning our return trip :)