Monday, August 14, 2017

  My baby girl turned FIVE last Monday and we spent all last week celebrating. We started last Saturday by spending the day in Lexington. We took Caroline, Carter and my niece Camden and did a fun day just for Caroline.  

First, we went to Get Air, the trampoline park to burn off some energy, followed by a trip to The Cheesecake Factory to grab some of their new celebration cheesecake. If it has sprinkles, Caroline is sold. They sang us Happy Birthday (we share a birthday) and some sweet person paid for all of our cheesecake before we could.


Next, we headed to Toys R Us to let Caroline choose one thing she wanted for her birthday. She chose a small indoor trampoline that she has had a blast playing with since she and Juston put it together. After Toys R US, we headed to Jacobson Park to do some fishing and I'm not exaggerating when I say Caroline caught a fish almost every time she cast out. 

After a couple of hours fishing, we headed back home. On Caroline's actual birthday, Monday, we started off the morning heading out to get some birthday donuts and grabbed a balloon while we were at the store (which Carter later bit and popped). 

 I had hopes of taking Caroline swimming since she loves it, but the weather wasn't in a cooperative mood and it was unusually chilly and misting, so instead, we headed to the library to get Caroline her very own library card. You have to be five to get one and she was SO excited for this. She played for a bit in the children's library and chose five books to check out with her own card. 

After the library, the weather had warmed up a bit and the rain moved out, so we took cousin Camden again and went to the park by the river to play. I tried to just plan a little bit of lots of Caroline's favorite things. Juston surprised her by coming home for the evening to watch her open some presents. She chose pizza for dinner, of course. So we ate and when it was time to open presents, Juston's phone got a very important birthday call. Princess Belle called to let Caroline know that both of us birthday girls were taking a trip to Disney World this fall!! We are beyond excited for this trip!

I planned Caroline's birthday party for this past Friday evening. It was small and we just had family out, but she had a blast and was so excited to get her new knee pads and her science kit she's been wanting. 

The party was Trolls themed and my Aunt Judy from Magee's Bakery made the Poppy cake.

We had a fantastic week celebrating my best girl. She's the sweetest, most tender-hearted little blessing and I could not ask for a better daughter. I'm so blessed God made me her mama. I learn so much from her every day. 

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