Greenville, SC

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

  Warning: picture heavy post ahead.  A couple of weeks ago, Juston and I took off to Charleston for a few days to celebrate our ten year anniversary, which was August 4. Well, we left Charleston on a Tuesday, drove back home to Kentucky, then headed our Wednesday afternoon for Greenville, South Carolina. I know, we're crazy, but our Charleston trip was just the two of us and we really wanted to bring the kids along with us to Greenville, so it worked out great, just lots of driving. 

Neither Juston nor myself had ever been to Greenville, but I'd been hearing wonderful things about it for the last few years, so when he told me he had a conference there, the kids and I were really excited to tag along. We stayed right in downtown at a Marriott in a suite room and it worked out great since Carter does not sleep well in the same room as the rest of us. The suites are a great option when you travel with kids to have seperated sleep space. We were able to put Carter's pack and play in the bedroom and shut the door while Caroline and I worked on crafts in the other room until naptime was over. So...on to out newest city obsession. I'll start with the scenery that was all just a couple of blocks walking distance from our hotel.

The kids and I started every morning off by loading down the double stroller with the essentials and striking out to walk downtown. We'd take the Swamp Rabbit trail until we found something fun that they wanted to get out and explore whether it was watching the ducks swimming around, stopping in O-Cha for pineapple green tea and sprinkle cookies,  or their personal favorite, the splash pad. I'm not kidding when I say that I think we were all sold and ready to move to Greenville after the first day there. Caroline asked if we could just please stay forever. 

Also within walking distance of our hotel were tons of amazing restaurants and shopping. We ate at Tupelo Honey Cafe, Brazwell's Premium Pub (twice) and a pizza place and all were excellent. I was really hoping to hit Sassafras Southern Cafe, but we ran out of time before we could. 

With the exception on Saturday once the conference was over, it was just the kids and myself exploring while Juston was in sessions for his conference. He really got to explore the industry and revitalization side of Greenville as a part of the conference and he really loved it as well. The kids and I also walked to the zoo (which I don't recommend if you're wearing flip flops and pushing two kids in a stroller, but we made it) and walked to the Children's Garden one morning as well. We managed to squeeze in some splash pad time every single day we were there. Priorities :)

Here are a few more snaps from the trip.

Pate family road trips aren't complete without a Cracker Barrel stop

Our first morning out exploring the city.

Splash Pad Heaven for these two. 

 The Barnyard portion of the Greenville Zoo. It's not huge (the zoo), but it's very affordable ($10 for adults, $4 for kids up to twelve and under two free). There are also GREAT playgrounds just outside of the zoo entrance. 

Wore slap out from all the zoo fun. We walked back mainly via the Swamp Rabbit Trail, but part of it was shut down for construction, so we had to detour. 

 Finally getting to explore with Daddy. 

Walking along the Reedy River. 

Enjoying a sprinkle cookie from O-Cha.  This place had amazing flavor infused green tea blends. The pineapple was my favorite. 

I'd say that Greenville is easily in our top three favorite cities after just one visit. We're planning to return in November for a few days. The thing I loved the most was just the constant motion. We were out and about all times of day, different days of the week and no matter when it was, there was always a crowd milling about. Not in a crowded way though, just in a way that made you want to get out and be a part of it all as well. There were tons of great restaurants and shopping, lots of activities for kids, adults, families, single folks, etc. Literally something for everyone. I truly mean it when I say that I think moving to this town just became a very serious consideration for us within the next five years or so. It's just a very neat place that I could see raising our babies and being very happy. 

I'll work on putting together a city guide of all the things we did and would recommend to anyone looking to visit. In the meantime, I'll be planning our return trip :)

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