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Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Things have been crazy around here as usual lately. It's so hard to feel like we've settled into any sort of schedule when we're living in three different places at any given time, but we're trying to make the best of it. I thought I'd do a life lately post today. 

First up is these chairs you see below.  I found them on CraigsList last week and Juston picked them up for me on his way back to Elizabethtown this past weekend. Can I just tell you how nervous CraigsList makes me? I definitely asked Juston to be sure and take his gun with him, then call and leave me on the phone until he got them packed up and back on the road. I've watched way too many Lifetime channel movies for my own good. I'm planning to find a pretty fabric to recover the cushions with, maybe something linen in a creamy color. Then I'll find some pillows for the chairs. My plan is to use these in the Keeping Room of the new house. I still haven't seen them in person yet.

I took this little cutie to the dentist last week to have her molars sealed. After her bi-annual cleaning, the dentist recommended it as a preventative measure to keep her from getting cavities since she has deeply grooved molars. She was absolutely the best patient ever so she earned a trip to Dairy Queen that day. Perfect post dentist treat, right?

Carter Scott is absolutely ornery, in case you couldn't tell just from looking at him ;) He is in that phase that I think most babies go through where if the least little thing doesn't go his way, he will pitch a hissy fit of epic proportions. He is SO dramatic right now. I'm really hoping he'll outgrow this stage rather quickly because I do not have the patience for bratty behavior. He ought to learn pretty fast that mama don't play that game. 

Caroline turned five at the beginning of this month and I swear, her independence level has grown so much over the last few weeks as well. She will brush her teeth as soon as she gets out of bed without being asked to, she uses the bathroom and washes her hands on her own without asking me to come with her, she climbs in the car and buckles her own carseat all by herself and she tried to help me with everything, especially cooking and her little brother. Occasionally I have to give the two of them a bath together, and she will wash his hair for him when I do. She's also started using safety scissors and chewing gum. She's just the best girl ever. I know I say that a lot, but it's true. 

Did y'all watch the eclipse yesterday? A friend of ours came through at the last minute with some glasses for us since Juston forgot to bring ours home that he had. Caroline was so into it and asked to go out every five minutes or so to check it out. We only had about 91% coverage, but it was still really neat. 

We had three showings on our house over the weekend, which is more than we've had all month, so that was good. We still haven't had any offers on it, but are hopeful that one of these showings may result in an offer soon. I told my broker when we were talking about it the other day that I wouldn't mind having two house payments if one of the houses was at the beach or the lake, but otherwise it's getting old.  It'll be nice once we sell it to just have to maintain one house ourselves day to day and to go from three home bases to two. I'll still be working in my hometown, so the kids and I will be here a few days a week even after we get moved. We'll just stay with my parents on the days I'm here for work. 

Speaking of work, check out my views while previewing a home for a client this morning...

I just love my town.  And I'm also loving my job! I only wish I'd started sooner because I'm having so much fun. Don't get me wrong, it's a lot of time invested in things that may not always result in a paycheck, but I love every aspect of it. I love meeting and working with new people, I love seeing inside some of the beautiful homes here in town that I've always loved, I love the company and boss I'm working with. I look forward to growing my business in the months to come. 

And check out this neighboring home on the same street I was looking at this morning. Such a stunner. 

That's all I've got for today. I'm hoping that next week will be the week I get my site all switched over to the new name and domain so be on the lookout for that change! Have a great week!

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