Whatever Wednesday

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

What I'm watching:

 So Sharp on Lifetime

Y'all, why do I get sucked into these ridiculous reality shows? I just can't help myself. So Sharp comes on Lifetime Channel every Tuesday at 10 and it follows the Louisville Ladybirds dance team as they prepare for Nationals. I'm sort of obsessed with it. Does anyone else watch it? 

What I'm reading:

I started this book a few weeks ago and it's really good, but it takes me awhile to get through Conroy books. His writing is so lyrical and well thought out that it's almost like digesting it takes twice as long so I don't read tons of it at a time. I'm loving it so far though. I also have a stack of fall books calling my name as soon as I finish this one.

What I'm wanting: 

 How cute is this blouse for fall?? It's from Sugar but it's currently sold out, so I'm hoping it'll come back in stock soon. I think it would be so, so cute with gray skinny jeans and black booties...or black skinny jeans and gray booties.

What I'm over:

Is anyone else out there just totally over the Lilly After Party Sale? I think it's just such a mess every single year. How do you have the same issues every time and never get them fixed? I shopped the sale last year and more than half of what I was able to order ended up getting cancelled due to stock issues. I don't know, I just feel like the brand is getting over-saturated and as it's grown in popularity, the customer service has declined. I'm over it. I'll still wear my Lilly and probably still shop there every now and then, but as a whole, not really feeling it anymore. 

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