Whatever Wednesday

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

What I'm Wearing//

I've been needing to go get a pedicure for the longest time now, but just still haven't managed to fit it in. With Juston only home on the weekends, the salon I go to is closed Sunday and not wanting to ask anyone to watch the kids during the week unless it's for my work, I just haven't made it. But I can't stand not having my toes at least painted, so right now I'm wearing the pretty pinkish/purple color below. It's not quite my bright summer pink hues and not quite a rich fall hue since we're still 90 degrees here but it actually fall now. The following two links are Amazon affiliate links.

OPI Not so Bora Boring Pink

I was in a neutral mood when I choose my fingernail polish and went with Tiramisu for Two, linked below. It's the perfect nude in my opinion, at least for my skin tone. 

OPI Tiramisu for Two

What I'm Wanting//

 RMS Beauty Quad

Has anyone tried this RMS beauty luminizing quad? I've heard good things from some bloggers I follow, but I'm never sure if some bloggers recommend things for the affiliate link money, or because they actually like things. It's hard to know anymore, but I'm thinking I may order this and try it. If I do, I'll report back my thoughts on it.

What I'm Loving//

Caroline decided that she wanted a purple room in the new house, so naturally that means a lot of the decor and bedding I already had won't really match the new purple walls Juston just finished painting, so I've been on the hunt for new bedding and the Bloomsbury pattern from Biscuit Bedding above is at the top of my list right now. I'm thinking of just keeping the white ruffled duvet I have now and getting the shams and neckroll in this pattern. I may end up doing the duvet, but I haven't decided yet. I want to get everything in the house this weekend before deciding on any changes or new purchases, etc. 

What the??// 

If by some chance you haven't heard, I hate to be the one to ruin your day, but the upcoming season of Fixer Upper starting later this fall will be the last one! In a way, I think it's smart on Chip and Jo's part to go out while they are still popular. They will still be riding that gravy train for some time and reaping the benefits of their show, but now they'll be able to be with their children more which I believe is the purpose of their decision to end the show. It's a bummer, but I'm in love Home Town, so at least I have Ben and Erin to fill the void ;)

Our Weekend

Monday, September 25, 2017

It was the first full weekend of fall and I don't know about where you are, but here in Kentucky, it was pushing 90 all weekend! We had a busy but fun weekend running around town. Friday, I had a closing to work, so I actually got dressed and put on make-up for a change ha. Caroline and I unintentionally coordinated in our palm print outfits so naturally, I had to get a picture. 


I shared this blouse last week in my early fall outfit post and here's another styling option. These fun printed pants came from Copper Penny in Charleston a few years ago. 

If you've read here very long, you may remember me sharing back in early summer about a stray cat that we started feeding having kittens under our porch. Well, one day when we went to check on them, they'd disappeared, so I assumed they'd gone off into the woods across the street from our house never to be seen again. Well, a couple of weeks ago, we saw them playing over in the woods and they've started coming to visit us since then. Caroline is just in hog heaven playing with them. They are the sweetest little things. I'm not sure if we'll take them when we move or not. I almost hate to take one and not all of them, but we can't catch the mama cat even though she'll come to eat on our back deck. I'd feel so guilty taking all her babies away and leaving her behind.  

Saturday afternoon, we took a break from football watching (GO DAWGS!!! That flea flicker on the opening posession gave me LIFE!) and we headed downtown to our annual Pig Out BBQ festival. It was hotter than a two dollar pistol, so we didn't last long, but we did snag some good food before we headed back home to watch some other great SEC teams play. KEntucky dropped the ball again this year against Florida.

Sunday, Caroline and I headed out on the boat with my sister and her husband for the afternoon. My sister's kids didn't end up going out for various reasons, but Caroline loves being out on the water so much that she still wanted to go. She got to fish, control the remote for the music and eat all the snacks, so it worked out ok for her haha. 

All that fun and sun wore her slap out because she conked out on the ride back up the river and slept for about 45 minutes. I can't tell you the last time she napped, but the boat would always put my sister's kids out like a light when they were little, too. 

We are in the midst of living in a disorganized mess for the next couple of weeks at least as we are packing up our Maysville house and moving most of our furniture to the new house across the state this weekend. I can't stand mess and disorganization so it's driving me bananas, especially considering I don't even want to be moving there in the first place, but I keep telling myself it's temporary and it's only a few hours to home. I'll still be working in Maysville in real estate and driving back and forth for a few days each week. Caroline won't start school until next year, so I still have the freedom to be able to do it. 

So that was our weekend. Next weekend will be spent primarily moving and most of this week will be spend cleaning, donating, throwing things out and packing. Big fun, huh?

My Favorite Fall Books

Thursday, September 21, 2017

One of my favorite things to do any chance I get a few minutes of free time is get lost in a great book. I thought it would be fun to compile a list of some of my favorite fall reads that I thought others might enjoy if you're searching for a read that will put you in the mood for colorful, crisp leaves, cooler foggy mornings, apple and pumpkin flavored everything and maybe a little something magical.  All the books are linked below the photos via Amazon affiliate links.

Honestly, I have loved everything I have read by Sarah Addison Allen. She has a way of making everyday occurrences into something magical and other-worldly, but my favorite of hers was the very first book of hers I picked up, Garden Spells.

When I was younger, Practical Magic was absolutely my favorite movie. I would opt to stay in on a Friday night so that I could re-watch the movie when the mood struck me. I don't know what took me so long to pick up the book because I knew it was based on a novel, but once I finally did get the book, I finished it in one weekend. Alice Hoffman just has a way with words and I loved that the plot line of this revolved around two sisters and their bad luck in love.

I haven't read this one yet obviously, because it doesn't even release until next week, but it's the pre-quel to Practical Magic, so I have it on my list to pick up the day it comes out and I can't wait. I have about five books currently waiting to be read, but this one is going to line jump to the front. If it's anywhere near as good as the first book, it'll be amazing. 

This book was just a quick, fun read. Not too heavy but has just a touch of supernatural and I'd recommend it. There are some fun twists and turns in the plot and it's an overall enjoyable read. 

I feel like Nora Roberts books are basically the Hallmark channel movies of the literary world. Kinda cheesy, sometimes a little trashy, but I just can't quit them. They're easy reads and this is actually a trilogy of books that I read a few years ago and really liked. They're based in Ireland, which I've always felt held a mystique anyway, but these books focus a lot of folklore and magic.

It's been awhile since I read this one, so I don't remember a lot about it, but I do remember that I really enjoyed it, so I wanted to add it to the list as well since it fits the theme of magical fall mood reads. 

Are there any "fallish" reads that y'all can recommend for me that I didn't mention? E-mail me or comment because I'm on the hunt for some fun new fall reads.

Late Summer/ Early Fall Outfit Ideas

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Just when it started to feel like early fall here in Kentucky last week, just like that we're back in the mid 80's every day for the foreseeable future. But I still wanted to share a few looks that I put together that would be great to transition from the dog days of summer into the crisp fall mornings. 

Fall can be such a hard time to dress for around here because it's chilly in the mornings and really, really hot by the afternoon. So here are a few of my favorite late summer/early fall outfit ideas that can acclimate to some wide swings in temperature throughout the day. 

Top: Elizabeth Wilson Designs | Skirt: French Connection | Boots: Tory Burch via Nordstrom

I am just loving this top so much for early fall. Elizabeth Wilson Designs is a local company based in Lexington and run by a girl who is still in high school! She does all the sewing and while it can take a while for things to ship, they are SO worth the wait! You can follow her on Instagram if you search @elizabethwilsondesigns I'm planning to pair this top with dark skinny jeans and these same boots for our fall family photos in a few weeks.  

Top: V2V in Charleston | Shorts: J Crew | Shoes: New Balance for J Crew

This is just a fun little running around after the kids outfit that still leaves me feeling somewhat put together. It beats my typical stretchy britches and tank tops. 

Top: Sugar Boutique | Jeans: J Crew | Earrings: Sugar Boutique 

 Sweatshirt: Skinny Dip Charleston | Chambray top: J Crew | Jeans: J Crew Factory | Shoes: New Balance for J Crew

This one isn't outfit related necessarily, although these cute mules linked above are featured, I wanted to share this adorable, funky but neutral rug I got recently from Beaufort Linen Company. I'm planning to use it in the powder bathroom of the new house once we've got it cleaned up enough to do the finishing touches.

So there you have it, a few simple and comfortable outfit ideas. 

Friday Favorites

Friday, September 15, 2017

I thought I'd share a few of my current favorite things with y'all this Friday! These are sort of all over the map, so bare with me.

Blue longalls/white shirt, orange longalls/fox shirt are all The Beaufort Bonnet Company
Khaki longalls/football shirt are from Little English

How cute are these little outfits for Carter? I've been having fun shopping for the kids fall clothes lately since neither one has much left from last year that fits. I swear, Caroline has grown 2 inches just since March, it's crazy! Carter is still pretty small, only 22 pounds, but he's gotten quite a bit taller over the summer as well.  I'm working on putting together a post of all of my favorite online shops I frequent for the kids clothes. 

These pumpkin cream cheese muffins are definitely near the top of my list of new recipes to try. Something about Fall puts me in a serious baking mood. I always enjoy baking, but the crispness in the air and the windows open in the house just entice me into the kitchen for some reason and it'd only be fitting to make something pumpkin flavored for fall. The recipe I'll be trying can be found here.  

I picked up this tunic last fall in ivory and wore the heck out of it, so when I saw it was back this year, I decided to pick it up in olive as well since I wear my other one so much and olive is such a great color for fall. I love this tunic with leggings, skinny jeans, underneath of a vest, by itself. It's just really versatile. The fit is true to size. 

I picked this book up via Amazon a few weeks ago after seeing a fellow blogger I follow post about it and both of the kids just absolutely love it, especially Carter. He's getting to that phase where he's very interested in trucks and tools and anything that's loud in general. He even brought me his little bulldozer t-shirt the other day and wanted to put it on. He handed me the shirt and started tugging at the shirt he was wearing whining. When I changed the shirt, he was happy as a clam. It was the cutest thing!

I had pictures made of the kids a few weeks ago in Lexington. I'd been trying to get Carter's one year pictures done for months now, but had to cancel three times because they kept getting rained out. Plus with Caroline having just turned 5, I wanted some shots of her as well. I got the proofs back yesterday and I love them. I have to narrow it down to 25 shots before I can download them, but wanted to share a sneak peek. We're having some family photos made this fall as well. I know professional photos can be expensive, but in my opinion it is money well spent. These days pass by so quickly, so I'm very thankful to have pictures to preserve these times and look back on them over the coming years. 

Everyone have a great weekend! Next week it will officially be fall so I'm planning some fun fall kickoff posts here! Hope you'll check back :)

Current Beauty Favorites: Skin Care

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

When it comes to my skin, I try to keep things simple because my skin tends to be on the sensitive side. Lately, I have been trying out a few new things because I really want to be proactive with my skincare instead of reactive. I wanted to share my current favorite skincare products that I've been using consistently for quite some time. 

I started using this mask once a week about two months ago and I really love it. It smells HEAVENLY, first of all, and I feel like my skin just feels cleaner and smoother after I use it. You could probably use it more than once a week, but like I said, my skin can be very reactive to new things, so I try not to overdo it. My skin is combination, oily in some places and dry in others and this mask doesn't irritate either area. I'm not sure if I'll re-order this same mask when it runs out or if I'll give another one a shot, but I definitely recommend it.

Also, you can get 4% cash back ordering it through the link above if you're an ebates member. If you're not already, you can sign up here before you order. 

I've been using this seaweed cleanser daily for probably six months now and really like it. It's very gentle and not laden with a ton of crazy chemicals. It's made in Savannah, Ga and at $38, the price point isn't terrible compared to a lot of other products on the market. It's not a cleanser that feels harsh or leaves your skin feeling dried out which I need since as I mentioned, I can be prone to dryness in certain areas. Some cleansers I've used leave my skin feeling stripped and this one does not do that at all. I plan to re-order this one again when I run out. 

I picked up my first Clarisonic cleansing brush during this year's Nordstrom anniversary sale. I use it in conjunction with the cleanser above every few days. I use the cleanser every day, but not the Clarisonic. When I first started using this, I noticed my skin breaking out more than it has recently and I don't know if it had to do with adding this brush into my routine, if it was dietary related or stress, but whatever it was, it stopped after a couple of weeks. Has anyone else ever started breaking out after adding one of these brushes to your skincare routine?  I do like this brush as I feel like it's great for sloughing off dead skin and aiding skin cell turnover. I don't know that I've seen anything in using it that justifies the price for me, so I'm glad I was able to get it on sale. I know lots of people who swear by this brush, but I don't feel like my skin is any better or worse off for adding it. Since I purchased it, I use it, but I could take it or leave it.

Okay, this three step system is pricey. It's the same company that makes the cleanser I use and mentioned above, so lack of chemicals is a strong selling point and it's made in Savannah, GA. Now, I discovered this skincare line quite awhile ago when they first started getting active on Instagram. I'd eyed this system for months but couldn't make myself pull the trigger. I ended up winning the system via an IG giveaway run through Sapelo and The Pink Dot Beauty Bar in Charleston. I was SO excited because I never win anything and I'd wanted to try this so badly, but couldn't justify the price without knowing the product. I use it every other day right before bedtime. Every step of the system smells floral and lovely. It leaves my skin feeling so smooth and supple. The recommendation per the packaging is to use all three steps twice a day, but I'm trying to conserve the goods, so I don't use it that frequently. I absolutely love the product and would highly recommend it, but I will likely not order it again simply because of the steep price tag. I will, however, try my luck at winning it again ;)

So that it...it's probably pretty simple compared to a lot of people's skincare routines, but that's what works for me. Also, for makeup removal since I didn't touch on that, I either just use warm water and a rag, or rubbing alcohol, so if you have a chemical-free product you'd recommend for makeup removal, please share it with me :)

Caroline and I went to our first Disney on Ice show last Friday and had the best time. Juston gave us the tickets for our birthday and it was a perfect night for just the girls.  The only part Caroline didn't care much for was when the huge dragon came out breathing smoke during the Sleeping Beauty segment.

Nothing much worth writing home about on Saturday, but I did manage to get the entire Maysville house cleaned from top to bottom for the first time in forever! We're planning to move all of our furniture from Maysville to the new house in Elizabethtown at the end of this month if everything stays on track. 

I've been ordering some new fall outfits for both kids since they're growing like weeks and not a whole lot from last fall fits either of them. I'm not a huge fan of the weather cooling off because I hate being cold, not being outside as much, not being in the pool or on the boat, but there's always football, tailgating, pumpkin flavored baked goods  and adorable little outfits like these to help me love fall a little bit more. Hope everyone had a great weekend!

Evans Orchard

Friday, September 8, 2017

The kids and I headed to Georgetown yesterday for our annual trip to Evans Orchard and Cider Mill. Typically, we go on a weekend so that Juston can come, too, but there was free admission yesterday since they were filming their commercial and needed kids. I'm pretty sure after today, I'll have a hard time making myself go on a weekend again. There were no lines, I could park a stone's throw from the front entrance and there was no wait at the bathroom (hallelujah)!  Anytime we've gone on a weekend, it's absolute Crazytown there!

 Caroline and Carter had the best time (aside from me temporarily losing both of them in the hay maze when they both bolted in opposite directions. We quickly exited that attraction as soon as I tracked them both down). 


We probably will go back soon because we didn't get to ride the train, pick apples and pears or visit the pumpkin patch, but they played their little hearts out! Aside from the playplace, they also got to visit the petting zoo, which Carter loved! Seeing the animals in books gets him excited enough, but to basically be nose to nose with a big old pot bellied pig and hear it snort was more than his little one year old self could have dreamed of. 

If you are in or around Central Kentucky and have never tried Evans, I'd definitely recommend it, it's in such a beautiful part of Kentucky and even on the busy weekends, it's still fun. And do yourself a favor and buy the apple cider and apple cider donuts. 

Kids Bathroom Plans

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Now that our kitchen renovation is nearing completion, my wheels are starting to turn about one of the next projects we'll tackle in the house. I believe the next phase is going to be adding the side porch, getting walls and flooring in the basement and tackling one of the upstairs bathrooms. So I'm sharing some brainstorming ideas I have for the bathroom the kids will share. Here's how it looked when we bought it. It's not much different now except the popcorn ceilings have been scraped.

If you were to look at this room from this same angle, here's an idea of what I'm thinking about as far as changing the layout.

I'd love to turn the bathtub so that it's underneath the window and move the toilet to the wall behind the small closet so that it's a bit more private. The bathroom right now is super narrow and just feels close. I'd also like to get a smaller vanity as the one that's in it is just way too big for the space. I'd like to still keep the double sink option, just a smaller version of it. Something like this...

Or maybe even do a dual faucet in a trough sink like this one. It's so fun and different!


You can't see it in the first photo, but there's a small closet behind the door that leads into the bathroom. I'd like to give it a bit more character and do something that looks more custom and built in.

As far as paint color, I'm struggling since it's a girl/boy shared space. My options are nowhere near narrowed down, but I do like the looks of this space.


I'm fairly certain I'll be adding this John Robshaw curtain in either navy blue or charcoal. I like that it's got the detail in the stitching and the tassels, but still feels neutral. I can add in lots of other colors in the space with one of those two options on the shower curtain. 

We'll probably tackle the master bathroom reno first because updating and changing it will add more value overall, but I feel like getting things pulled together in a post gives me a more clear idea of what direction I want to go with decorating. Does anyone know how hard it is to relocate a tub? Anyone ever done it? I have no clue how plumbing works, but in my mind, there's already pipes and a drain there because the toilet sits there, then we can just move the toilet over to where the pipes and drain run to where the shower currently sits. Who's going to burst my bubble and tell me it's not that simple because I'm sure it's not. Nothing with this house has been so far.