Evans Orchard

Friday, September 8, 2017

The kids and I headed to Georgetown yesterday for our annual trip to Evans Orchard and Cider Mill. Typically, we go on a weekend so that Juston can come, too, but there was free admission yesterday since they were filming their commercial and needed kids. I'm pretty sure after today, I'll have a hard time making myself go on a weekend again. There were no lines, I could park a stone's throw from the front entrance and there was no wait at the bathroom (hallelujah)!  Anytime we've gone on a weekend, it's absolute Crazytown there!

 Caroline and Carter had the best time (aside from me temporarily losing both of them in the hay maze when they both bolted in opposite directions. We quickly exited that attraction as soon as I tracked them both down). 


We probably will go back soon because we didn't get to ride the train, pick apples and pears or visit the pumpkin patch, but they played their little hearts out! Aside from the playplace, they also got to visit the petting zoo, which Carter loved! Seeing the animals in books gets him excited enough, but to basically be nose to nose with a big old pot bellied pig and hear it snort was more than his little one year old self could have dreamed of. 

If you are in or around Central Kentucky and have never tried Evans, I'd definitely recommend it, it's in such a beautiful part of Kentucky and even on the busy weekends, it's still fun. And do yourself a favor and buy the apple cider and apple cider donuts. 

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