Kids Bathroom Plans

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Now that our kitchen renovation is nearing completion, my wheels are starting to turn about one of the next projects we'll tackle in the house. I believe the next phase is going to be adding the side porch, getting walls and flooring in the basement and tackling one of the upstairs bathrooms. So I'm sharing some brainstorming ideas I have for the bathroom the kids will share. Here's how it looked when we bought it. It's not much different now except the popcorn ceilings have been scraped.

If you were to look at this room from this same angle, here's an idea of what I'm thinking about as far as changing the layout.

I'd love to turn the bathtub so that it's underneath the window and move the toilet to the wall behind the small closet so that it's a bit more private. The bathroom right now is super narrow and just feels close. I'd also like to get a smaller vanity as the one that's in it is just way too big for the space. I'd like to still keep the double sink option, just a smaller version of it. Something like this...

Or maybe even do a dual faucet in a trough sink like this one. It's so fun and different!


You can't see it in the first photo, but there's a small closet behind the door that leads into the bathroom. I'd like to give it a bit more character and do something that looks more custom and built in.

As far as paint color, I'm struggling since it's a girl/boy shared space. My options are nowhere near narrowed down, but I do like the looks of this space.


I'm fairly certain I'll be adding this John Robshaw curtain in either navy blue or charcoal. I like that it's got the detail in the stitching and the tassels, but still feels neutral. I can add in lots of other colors in the space with one of those two options on the shower curtain. 

We'll probably tackle the master bathroom reno first because updating and changing it will add more value overall, but I feel like getting things pulled together in a post gives me a more clear idea of what direction I want to go with decorating. Does anyone know how hard it is to relocate a tub? Anyone ever done it? I have no clue how plumbing works, but in my mind, there's already pipes and a drain there because the toilet sits there, then we can just move the toilet over to where the pipes and drain run to where the shower currently sits. Who's going to burst my bubble and tell me it's not that simple because I'm sure it's not. Nothing with this house has been so far.

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