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Tuesday, September 5, 2017

I may have mentioned on here once or twice that we are sort in living in a weird limbo right now. Juston lives in one town about three hours away all week long and comes home on the weekends. We are still at home part of the time in our house that's still for sale, at my parents' house part of the time and most weeks, we'll go out to stay with Juston in our house that's still currently going through renovations for a few days, too. So we basically split our time between three homes during any given week. To say I have lacked both a normal schedule and motivation to set any new personal fitness goals is an understatement and I'm paying the price for it. 

My fitness level has gone so far downhill in the last few months, it's ridiculous. I haven't run since early summer and I've had to cut back to three weight workouts a week that I normally have to rush through when I was doing five weight sessions that lasted about 45 minutes each. Working out is one of my very favorite things to do, I just haven't found the right time to carve it out in our current schedule. I'm still a member of the YMCA here in Maysville, but don't have a gym in Elizabethtown yet because I don't want to have to pay for two gym memberships. I've put on about seven pounds and lost so much strength since summer started and I'm ready to get my tail back in gear. At the beginning of summer, I could do five pullups unassisted on a good I'm lucky to manage two. While I do weigh myself pretty regularly, I gauge my progress by how heavy my lifts are in the gym and how quick I can run a mile. My current mile time is at about 11:00 minutes. I did 11:01 yesterday in my first run in about two and a half months. Just to put that in perspective, a really good mile time for me is 10 minutes. I'm just not a good runner.

So the point of all this is that I'm finally feeling like I'm in the right mindset to start setting goals for myself and getting a plan together to reach them. And I'm sharing about it here to hold myself accountable, as well as potentially help anyone looking to do the same. My fitness goals are pretty simple in concept to accomplish as long as I stick to a plan. Here are my fall fitness goals I've set for myself.

1. Run a 5K. We have one here in early October that I'm planning to do. I'm going to be getting back to running three times a week. This will help me immensely towards my next goal.
2. Lose the weight I've put on this summer. It's really no mystery how it happened; less physical activity and less intensity when I am active, coupled with too much indulging. I love to cook and eat and I don't plan to alter my diet too much aside from trying to incorporate more nutrient dense foods like veggies and fruits and cutting out the snacking. The snacking is what kills me. If I was really wanting to get super lean and cut, I'd do some major alterations, but I'm just trying to lose a few pounds and lower my body fat percentage to the lower twenties where I feel most comfortable.
3. Do 5 unassisted pullups by the end of October. The way I approach this goal is by incorporating what I call "negatives" into my workouts a few times a week. Negatives are basically where you use a bench under a pullup bar, stand on the bench and jump into the top of the pullup position, then lower yourself as slowly as possible until your arms are straight. Then hop up on the bench and start over. This basically trains you to do pullups in reverse. It builds and strengthens all those muscles you need for the exercise.
4.  Strengthen my core. I have slacked majorly on core workouts. I'd typically include a core workout on the same day I'm doing biceps/triceps, but with the limited gym time I've been getting, I usually just do the arm exercises and ditch the core exercises, telling myself I'll do them at home later, but never do it. I'm going to be doing core exercises every other day at home, trying to get three sessions a week in. The great thing about training abs and lower back is that it doesn't have to be a long workout to be effective. Most of the core work I do can be done in ten minutes or less.

There you have list of physical goals I'm working towards over the next couple of months. I'd really love to get into posting workouts here with pictures. If I can talk my husband into taking them without me feeling like a complete goober, I'll share them here in case anyone is looking for some exercises to do at home. I'm really excited to feel re-focused on fitness goals. It'll give me control over something while everything else is so nuts! I'll take what I can get. Hope everyone had a great long weekend.

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