Halloween Happenings

Monday, October 30, 2017

It's hard to believe that Halloween is in just a few days and then it's November (so soon?!).  It's been so pretty and nice here until this weekend when it turned super cold, so the kids and I have been getting out most mornings and taking our walk around our new neighborhood. They are loving all of the new sights, like construction equipment, horses and lots of other woodland creatures.

Carter gets attached to the most random things. That green toothbrush is one of three that he takes almost everywhere. And in case you were wondering, yes, he stuck it in the horses mouth, then right back in his. 

Saturday was a great college football game day! We made some gameday appetizers and tried to catch as much football as we could in between running errands for the house and kids. I know one thing, it was a great day to be a Georgia Bulldog! They are just incredible to watch this season. I hated to see Mark Richt go, but I was optimistic that Kirby Smart could take the program in the right direction and so far, he's doing amazing. It doesn't hurt having Jake Fromm handing off to the likes of Chubb and Michel. They're just so fun to watch and I'm loving this season!

Juston and Caroline picked up a pumpkin to carve while we watched the games. Caroline chose a ridiculously intricate Minnie Mouse pattern. I need to make a picture of her with it, because it turned out super cute, but I'd say Juston spent at least an hour or two on that thing. What happened to simpler times of carving a few triangles and a smiley face?

And below is a sneak peek at our ongoing kitchen renovation. What is now the butler's pantry you see below used to be some random, rough cabinets and the refrigerator. We moved the fridge to another wall. We still have shoe molding to finish, lots of nail holes to fill, window coverings to choose, light fixtures to move and replace and other small things to finish first, but it's coming along.

Earlier in the week, our sweet neighbor invited us to bring the kids to her church Trunk or Treat Saturday evening, so we ran over during halftime of the Georgia/ Florida game and even though it was freezing, Caroline had a blast. We just let Carter have a sucker early on and he was happy as a lark to watch Caroline collect the rest. Caroline picked both of their costumes this year, so she is a cute little kitten and chose a puppy for Carter. I waited too long to order their costumes, but ended up lucking out and finding them both in the right sizes on Ebay thankfully.

The college where Juston works has an indoor trick or treat Tuesday afternoon so I'll be taking the kids to that, then if the weather is nice, we'll head out in the new neighborhood to trick or treat again that evening. This will be the first Halloween ever that I haven't spent at home handing out candy at my parents house. It'll be weird for sure. What are everyone else's kids dressing up as this year? I love seeing everyone's costume ideas!

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