Halloween Scenes

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Hey y'all and Happy Halloween!! I thought I'd do a short and sweet post of a few of our Halloween decorations in and around the house since they'll mostly be coming down tomorrow morning. I didn't decorate as much as I usually like to because the house is still basically a renovation zone, we still have a ton of furniture to choose for the main floor (meaning a couple of rooms have basically no furniture) and almost nothing is where it belongs, but I did the best I could and the kids loved what I did manage to get up, so that's all that's important. I'm hoping to have everything a bit more settled so that I can put on the dog for Christmas decorating.

 I ordered these cute clay jack-o-lanterns from Etsy. One arrived broken, but a little glue has it ready to go for a little while at least.

The trees in our backyard have turned the prettiest colors and I love looking out the back windows of the house, or sitting out back on the deck. We put these chairs out in the yard because we have no place else to put them right now. Our big farm table and the grill take up the entire deck and since the porch likely won't be built until spring now, I need to seal these and get them covered before it gets too cold, but I love the way they look sittin gout under the trees. 

Our windows have these pretty thick ledges on the exterior of our house and this one is right outside of the kitchen window. I can't wait to plant some herbs in these pots and have fresh herbs right outside the kitchen window. Until then, I like how festive these pansies and pumpkins look.

Caroline picked out that little white ghost in Home Goods a few years ago and it's one of my favorite little decorations. Carter has grown quite fond of it as well. He cracks me up in this picture...so proud of himself for climbing the stairs. 

And finally, our front door. I think I've already shared this on here before, but it's probably the most effort put into decorating this Halloween. I've found the cutest turkey door hanger to go up next! Everyone have a safe and Happy Halloween!

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