Monday, October 16, 2017

One of my favorite fall traditions that we try to fit in every year is a day at Keeneland. We missed the last couple of seasons so I was really excited we were able to get back tot he races this past Saturday. My parents even joined us! 

It was by far the hottest day I've ever spent at Keeneland with temperatures in the 80's the entire day, but it was still a beautiful day in the Bluegrass. 

The only family picture we managed and we had to perfectly position ourselves to get photo bombed by a random guy in a poster. Oh well, it's not like Carter was smiling anyway, haha. 


Caroline's favorite thing to do is wait by the exit from the track where the horses will stop and let you pet them when they're not busy working. These are not the race horses, but they are so sweet and well tempered. There are few creatures more beautiful than a thoroughbred horse. 

Since we did go on a Saturday, it was absolute madness and a sold out crowd. If you're going on a weekend, definitely get there early if you want to be able to purchase a seat, or grab a bench in the infield. We didn't get there early enough, so we just had to get a general admission ticket and hope for the best. We watched three races, then took the kids to walk around the stables. 

A lot of people don't take the time to walk the stables but it's one of my favorite things to do. You can see all the horses that will be racing in their stables. You can't pet them, but you can get pretty close and we got to see a few horses getting their shoes put on, which is really amazing to watch, by the way. That's what Carter is watching in the photo above.  

This is my favorite picture of the kids from the whole day. To spite being worn out from no morning nap, Carter was so good because there was so much going on for him to watch. He got SO excited every time we got anywhere near a horse.

After walking the stables, we kept on walking down to the Track Kitchen to eat. This is another little out of the way gem in Keeneland. There are so many fun people you can find there on any given day and the food is really good, too! We obviously do Keeneland different when we bring the kids versus when we don't, and both ways have their benefits. Overall, I recommend taking your kids to a weekday at Keeneland and doing adults only if you do on a weekend. That way you can tailgate beforehand, enjoy the races amongst the crowds without worrying about your kids being stepped on and just relax and enjoy a bit more in general. It's definitely something you can do with little ones, it's just ideal to do it on the days that aren't quite so crowded. We still had a fun day and were so glad we got to go. 

We spent Sunday working around the house. The kitchen backsplash is almost finished, which means we just have to finish the molding, switch out the lighting over the island and add window treatments, then the kitchen is officially finished! I can't wait to share the transformation with y'all! I worked on getting the upstairs bathrooms painted. We're planning to completely gut both of them, but I couldn't stand looking at that ugly brown paint another minute and those were the last two rooms that had it. It will likely be spring before we start on either bathroom, so I just decided to go ahead and paint them. It was time well spent because just getting rid of the brown paint has brightened those spaces up SO much. 

Hope everyone had a happy, fun weekend!

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