Leopard + Pink Bow Flats

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Thought I'd pop in and share a fun outfit I wore earlier this week. I had to go have a new license made since we've moved, plus my old one had just expired, so I actually put on some makeup, curled my hair and put on non-workout clothes. 

I'm linking to the products below the picture. Just click the link and it should take you to the products that are still available. Some links are affiliate links. 

Shoes also found here

These shoes were surprisingly comfortable. I wore them and did quite a bit of walking over the course of a few hours. They have other color options as well if pink isn't your thing, including a pretty nude color.  

I put Carter's new carseat in the Jeep earlier today and am I the only one that feels like you need an engineering degree to decipher the instruction manuals for some car seats? Once I finally got the thing out of the box, installation was surprisingly easy. I've always had my sister put our carseats in for me because she's got three kids of her own and is an expert car seat installer. I decided to give it a try first myself though and it wasn't so bad. I'm excited to see how Carter reacts to his new seat. 

Things with the move and the new house are still trudging along. I'm the type of person that wants everything done and ready like yesterday. Luckily for me, Juston keeps things like budget in mind, so we're slowly finding the right furniture and pieces to fill the house up. We still need a couch and chairs for the living room, as well as a table and chairs for our dining room. We didn't have a dining room in our old house and we have a sitting room now as well, which we didn't have before, so we need furniture for it. 

I have no idea which direction I want to take for the dining room furniture. I have an antique buffet and server in there already, so I'm not sure if I want something more modern for the dining table and chairs or an antique. Or do I want to mix and match and maybe do an antique table with new chairs? I think my vision for that space will come together once we get the molding put up and the painting finished. I'm excited to see how it comes together. I'm going outside my comfort zone a bit with the paint we're doing in there. I'm hoping to get it painted sometime this week so maybe I'll share a sneak peek if I manage to get it done.

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