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Tuesday, October 10, 2017

The last few weeks have just flown right on by me. I've got a lot going on and most days I'm dropping balls left and right.  We moved all of our furniture to the new house last weekend, but still have TONS of our things at our other house in Maysville. I think one of the things I'll miss most about our old home, aside from the obvious things, will be our red front door. I'd always wanted a red front door and it will forever remind me of Brooke Davis. Any One Tree Hill fans out there? 

I painted ours Sherwin Williams Sun Dried Tomato a few years ago. I did a fresh coat on it a couple of weeks ago and still need to stain the trim around the door. We still haven't had any serious offers on the house, so we're just carrying two mortgages right now. I wouldn't mind doing it so much if one of them was on a lake front home or a beach house.

That little black kitten is the newest member of the family, Louie.  This kitten was part of a litter that a stray cat had under our back deck back in the early summer. We'd been taking care of them and the mama when one day they just disappeared. Well back in September, we found them again in the woods across from our house. They are all so sweet and I really wanted to bring them all, but Juston shut that down real quick. This little guy is so great with both kids and Dixie, so he's coming along.

Carter has been the best little sleeper since the beginning. He started sleeping through the night around a month old and has done so consistently ever since, until about three weeks ago.  He's been waking up in the middle of the night at 2:00 am like clock work every.single.night. Not only does he awaken, he will shriek like a pterodactyl. It's not a cry so much as it is an ear splitting girly scream. I can only imagine it's either an 18 month sleep regression, or it's all of the upheaval of the move and constantly running between our Elizabethtown house, our Maysville house and my parents. I'm trying really hard to get a schedule going, but nothing still feels settled. We still have renovations ongoing and upcoming at the house we've just moved into, I'm still working in Maysville, so we go there a couple days each week. It's just crazy. I'm hoping he'll get back to sleeping again, the sooner the better. 

My sweet Caroline is taking all of the changes like a champ. It's true what they say, kids adapt so well. She has only seen Juston on the weekends for the better part of the last two years. Since January, Juston have only been home on the weekends since he's been working in Elizabethtown. The house has basically been a construction zone, so until the last month or so, the kids and I really couldn't comfortably be there. The last Janury, for six months while I was in the end of my pregnancy with Carter, Juston took an interim job in Hazard, KY, two and a half hours from home. We didn't go because I was pregnant, it was winter and I wasn't willing to risk not being able to get to my doctor if need be. It's nice to finally be together more days than not. In the picture above, she'd just finished raking leaves in my parents yard and bagging them.

I can't remember where I saved this picture from,  I just found it on my camera roll, but I saved it as inspo for Caroline's new room. She chose purple for her walls, so I want to do something fun with purple prints to incorporate into the room. I love how serene this one feels. I already have a white duvet in her room, so now I'm looking at different ways to incorporate the pattern. I'm thinking with shams and window treatments. 

So that's pretty much it around here. I'm starting a new real estate class this week for my continuing education, still working at my brokerage office in Maysville, at least through the end of this year, but likely beyond that as I prefer doing it there. Both kids are adjusting well to the new house and town as we learn our way around. I'll be sharing the new house as we complete rooms. I spent Carter's naptime today repainting our Master Bathroom. I'll be perfectly happy if I never see the shade of brown that this ENTIRE house was painted again.

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