A {Messy} House Update

Monday, November 20, 2017

We're still knee deep in messes and renovations at the new house, but it's been a while since I shared an update on the progress so I thought today would be a good day for it. The house is a complete mess in these pictures, as it usually is, but I'm hoping that we'll have the majority of the main level wrapped up to get ready to put up out Christmas decorations next week. 

I'll start with the room we really made a big dent in this weekend, the dining room. Pictured first is the room when we bought the house, a few in progress shots and then what it looks like today, ready to be furnished!


 In progress...

Still in progress, but prettier.

Things are just moving so slow with the renovation because we are literally doing, or have done something in every room of the house and before one thing can be finished, it seems like there seven other things that have to be done first. But, I think we can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Before the kids and I moved in, Juston scraped, mudded, sanded and painted every ceiling of every room to remove the popcorn texture and make them smooth. That left a huge mess everywhere that had to be cleaned, then we were able to paint, again, every single room of the house will have been painted by the time we're finished. I think we have two closets to go, then they've all been done. Back to the dining room; we replaced the light fixture, then removed the chair railing because it just felt so low to me. I'd initially painted it the same gray color that's on the bottom half of the wall because I was going to do all of the trim in the entire room that color. I ran out of the paint, so I went back to the paint store and asked for another quart of the same. When I got home, the color wasn't even close/ They'd given me the wrong color, but it was a really pretty greige, so I thought it was a happy coincidence that could work out in my favor, so I painted the trim that color, over the gray. Turned out to just be too dark, so I went back to the white. We were able to get the trim put back up about a foot and a half higher that it was originally. Oh, and Juston had to mud and sand where the railing came off initially since the walls had such thick paint around the railing.  
Now I just need to choose a dining table. I'd always imagined having a pretty formal dining room with a big antique table in the middle...the sort of table that had a history and you can just imagine all the people who have shared meals and memories around it in years past, so now I just have to find that perfect table. I'm planning to hit the Athens Schoolhouse Antique market when it's open next month and see if I have any luck there. Then I'll just need a run, chairs, curtains and some art and I'll have this room wrapped up and ready to entertain some guests. 

Moving on to our temporary guest room, someday sitting room/playroom.

Here's the before of the room...

And here it is in progress.

Juston used this room as a bedroom when he was living here before the kids and I moved in since it needed the least work and was the most finished space to sleep in at the time.  As you can see, we closed up the wall that once led to the living room. It just didn't make sense to me the way it was. This was, we could have two separated living spaces, one with a tv and one without. We still have to patch in crown molding where we closed up the wall. We're adding a set of french doors to the entrance to this room so that it can be closed off. I'm planning for it to be a formal sitting room, but also a playroom for the kids. I know that seems like a dichotomy, but if I can find the right furniture piece, toy storage should be simple to keep out of sight when company is coming. Again, popcorn ceilings were scraped and we replaced a light fixture in here. Nearly every room in this house had a boobie light. Well, not any more. When we finish the basement, the guest room will move there so that guests will have their own full bath and kitchenette when they come stay. There is obviously no privacy here, but we're making do for now. We're hoping to have the basement livable sometime late this spring. We have a bathroom renovation and a porch addition that currently rank above the basement. Adding the doors here will really help the temporary guest space ;)

Next up is the living room in progress.

The before...

And the current messy situation. 

We think we've chosen a couch for the space that will sit just behind where the rug is now.  Then I need to decide which chairs I want, flanking the couch on each side and I know I want a Lineberry cart for a coffee table, so I just have to find the perfect one for the right price.  The television will go over the fireplace mantle, which we will have to replace soon since the beam that's there has bowed pretty bad.  The couch we have in there now will go in the basement. Where the window seat currently is will become the french doors onto the side porch (hopefully early this spring). This room has already had the popcorn ceilings scraped and been completely painted. This is one of the only spaces I've been able to commit to hanging our pictures in. I'm having a hard time deciding where to put things without having all of the furniture in place. I'm going to have a small Keeping Room area where the leather couch is now sitting. I have two caned back chairs that will go there and I want to find an antique washstand to go in between them that we can utilize as a bar area. 

Okay, if you're still reading, bless your heart, but I'll finish with some kitchen snippets. It is the nearest to complete, but we still have lots of finish work to do like filling nail holes and cleaning up. 

I'm going to love this space when it's all finished! I love how bright and clean it feels already. There's an eat in area as well, but I didn't think to get a picture of it just yet. 

So there you have it, an in-progress update of some of the main level rooms. I will do individual posts for each room as they are finished and source items I can in case anyone is interested.

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