Our Magical Week at Disney World

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Caroline and I had a very magical week last week; we spent it in Disney World, just us girls! Back in August, on our birthday, Juston gifted us a holiday season trip to Disney that my sister planned. She has a Disney planning business, Ears of Experience, and since I find planning an entire Disney trip to be overwhelming, she'd already planned the whole trip right down to our meal reservations and fast passes, all we had to do was show up. We left Kentucky on Sunday and drove most of the way, then got up Monday morning and drove the rest of the way and went straight to Animal Kingdom.

It worked out so well that my sister was actually at Disney at the same time since she was chaperoning a school trip with a bunch of middle schoolers (she planned that trip as well). We got to do a few rides together and walk around a bit. We didn't do a whole day at Animal Kingdom, but we managed to fit in The Lion King show, Kilimanjaro Safari, a lunch stop, and meeting Mickey and Minnie before we went to check in to our hotel. We just stayed at All Star Music. We always stayed in the All Star resort when I went to cheerleading Nationals, so that's usually what I want when we go back. I'm sure the more expensive resorts are amazing, but we literally just sleep there and shower since we're doing parks or the pool allllll day, every day. That evening, we had reservations to eat at Chef Mickey's, which Caroline was so excited because Minnie makes the best mashed potatoes ;) This is probably the best meal I've had at Disney. I'm spoiled by Charleston food, so not many other places measure up. But Disney does a great job of having foods that will cater to picky five year old eaters.

One thing I didn't do that a lot of people probably do to make the most of their time, is I did not set an alarm. I hated to miss Rope Drop at Magic Kingdom, but I wanted Caroline to be rested and not exhausted and cranky the whole trip, so we just started our day whenever she woke up. Day two was spent at Magic Kingdom, my favorite park and Caroline's favorite, too. It. was. madness. I didn't expect it to be so busy. We started our morning with Mickey waffles before hitting the park.

The wait times for everything were so long all day, so our fast passes came in handy, but we spent a ton of time waiting for things we didn't have fast passes for. That evening, we headed over to The  Grand Floridian for dinner with Cinderella, Prince Charming and the step sisters and step mother. This meal went pretty quick compared to a lot of the character dinings, so we finished in time to get the monorail back to Magic Kingdom and catch the Happily Ever After fireworks. I wasn't sure how I'd feel about these since I really loved Wishes, but they were really amazing!

Day three was Epcot day, but again, we only did half a day there since there's not a lot for Caroline. We rode Nemo, met some characters and after contemplating, Caroline decided she didn't want to ride Soarin (one of my faves), so we headed back to the hotel to swim. After we swam and grabbed some dinner, we went back to Magic Kingdom to do some rides we'd missed and catch the fireworks again. 

Our last day, we started the morning at Magic Kingdom again (can you tell it's our favorite) before we finished the day at Hollywood Studios with some more character meetings and shows before a special Christmas themed dinner with Minnie, Mickey, Donald, Daisy and Goofy.  One thing I noticed as far as meeting the characters is that the lines to meet characters are MUCH shorter in Epcot and Hollywood Studios that they are in the other parks. Every park has the signature characters, but certain characters, you can only meet at certain parks. So for the characters that you can meet at any park, I'd definitely do those at Epcot or Hollywood.

It was a fun, fast, exhausting week and it definitely made me ready to plan the next girls trip. I think Caroline and I will be taking a lot of these over the years together, at least I hope we will! 

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