Gift Ideas for the Fellas

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Is anyone else out there still not finished with your Christmas shopping list? Because I'm probably not even halfway finished. I tell myself every day that I'm going to get it wrapped up, but here I sit, still not even close to being done. I thought I'd round up a few fun gift ideas for the men in your lives and some of these may find their way under our tree for Juston ;) he doesn't read here so I feel safe saying that ha. 

A gadget that you store in the freezer and add to a warm beer to chill it in just minutes? Well, this has Juston Pate written all over it. 

These soapstone rocks chill your whiskey without diluting it like melting ice would. 

If you have a man in your life who travels a lot, then this charger roll up kit is a great way to keep all of his electronic chargers in one place so they won't get lost; plus you can add a monogram to personalize it. 

I usually end up grabbing a tie for Juston every Christmas. It's something I like to let Caroline pick out. Last year she chose a Vineyard Vines tie with shotgun shells...her daddy was so proud and I even wound up finding shotgun shell socks to go with it. 

Juston's wallet is completely falling apart and he'd let it before he'd buy himself a new one, so I've ordered him one as a stocking stuffer. It's such a useful gift because who doesn't need and carry a wallet. 

I feel like husbands are so hard to buy for because most of the time if you see something you need throughout the course of the year, you just buy it, you don't think about asking someone else to get it for you as a gift. I typically end up buying Juston mostly practical things like new shoes, wallets, clothes, etc because he will literally wear shoes until there are holes in the bottoms, then wear them a few more months. I have no idea why he does this, but I am not even exaggerating. I bet if I went into his closet right now, I'd find at least two pairs of his dress shoes with holes in the bottoms. Is this just him or are all husbands this way? haha It seems so strange to me.

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