Guest Room Essentials

Sunday, December 17, 2017

With the holidays right around the corner, I know a lot of people either are traveling, or have friends and family traveling to them, so I thought it would be fun to put together a post about the things that are great to have on hand if you are hosting company this holiday season.

I am that person that inevitably forgets at least one, if not more, essential item when we travel. Typically, we travel a lot as a family, so you would think that I would have packing down to a science, but it never fails that I'll leave behind a toothbrush, hairbrush, tennis shoes, shampoo, name it and I've probably forgotten to bring it along. I remember one time back when Juston and I were dating, we traveled a few hours away for a wedding that we were both in and I forgot my dress and shoes. Who does that? Luckily, I was just handing out programs, so I just ran to a dress shop the morning of and grabbed the only dress they had in my size in the whole store that was suitable for the wedding. 

Comfortable Bedding + Extra Blankets

It's so important (to me at least) to get fresh, clean linens on the bed before any guest comes. But in addition to the obvious clean linens, an extra blanket or two is a good idea to have handy in a guest room as well, just in case. Keep them in an obvious place like a basket, stacked on a luggage stand or thrown over the back of a chair, that way your guest won't have to dig or come ask you, or worse, do without because they don't want to be a bother. 

Fresh Flowers 
There are few things I love more than fresh flowers in my home. Bonus points if it's some I've grown myself and can just run out and cut, but I haven't had a change to do any landscaping at the new house, so this isn't currently an option. I had lilacs and lots of pretty hydrangeas at our old house that I could run out and cut anytime, but obviously, store bought flowers are just as thoughtful. If flowers aren't your thing, a candle could do the trick as well, but I wouldn't put it right beside of the bed just in case your guest doesn't care for the scent. 


Reading Material
 I typically try to keep a stack of magazines on the nightstand in the guest room. I finish with them, but for some reason, I can never thrown most of them away, so they end up stacked in the guest room, along with a nice, bright bedside table lamp. I keep subscriptions to Southern Living, Southern Lady, Charleston Magazine, Charleston Style and Design and Garden and Gun, so those are the usual options. You could also leave some books or local reading material about your town. Just something for guests to flip through as they wind down at night.

Electronic Necessities
This one can cover a few things, but what comes to my mind is a television with working remote, a spare phone charger and access to your wifi. Simple, but anymore these seem to be necessities.
Shampoo, conditioner, body wash, razor, toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, mouthwash, lotion...these are all things that are great to keep readily available and visible in either a guest's room, or the guest bathroom. I feel like it's important to keep them in plain site so that it's apparent they are for company. I've seen a lot of people use clear acrylic jars and store hotel toiletries in them for guests. In the past, I've done this, just with Mason jars instead. We're still in transition with our guest space. Once we get out basement finished, there will be a guest bedroom, full bath, wet bar area and living room area all in the basement. For now, we're using our front room as the guest room, so the kids' bathroom serves for company use as well for the time being. Once the basement is all wrapped up, I'm going to get some of the clear acrylic jars to toss all of these goodies in. 

Water + Snacks
You can do bottles, a pitcher and glass, sparkling water; whatever floats your boat, but it's nice to have water available in their room so that they don't have to traipse through the house in the middle of the night for a drink. As far as snacks, some fresh fruit or small bags of chips or popcorn on a tray, anything that doesn't need refrigerated.

 Towels and Rags
A fresh stack of towels and rags in plain site, either on the guest bed or on the counter in the guest bathroom. To me, I like having anything that may be needed in plain site, because most people wouldn't want to rifle through your closet, drawers, etc looking for something (some people may be nosy and enjoy snooping haha) and won't want to bother you either, so make it as easy as possible to find these things, and make it obvious that these things are for using, not good hand towels that are more for decor ;) Does anyone else have pretty towels you want to have out and seen, but not dirtied up? Just me? haha It drives Juston nuts, but he's learned that in general if it looks pretty and has a monogram on it, he shouldn't be wiping his hands on it. 

Large Mirror
This may seem strange, but I think it's important to have a mirror in a guest room that's big enough for ladies to put their makeup on in front of and get their hair done. Bonus points for a full length mirror, but some kind of mirror in a guest space is incredible useful and often needed. 

Lastly, I'd include having extra hangers in the closet, a box of tissues, and a wastebasket.Okay y'all, what have I forgotten? What do you like to keep readily available when you have company coming over that I may have missed?



  1. Thoughtful post! I typically do most of what you mentioned but never thought about leaving snacks and water in the guest room. I will have to do that!

    1. Thank you, Jennifer! I hope y'all have had a great Christmas!