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Monday, December 11, 2017

Am I the only person who just feels completely behind, overwhelmed and under-accomplished this Christmas season? I swear, I just can't get it together around here. On any given day, I'm trying to accomplish 50 things and fail at approximately 48 of them, but I guess maybe that's how everyone feels this time of year (I hope not! I hope y'all are really feeling like you've got it together! Some of us should ;)) 

Last week, I was absent around here because the time I typically spend blogging at night after everyone is asleep was spent wrapping up a real estate finance course I've been taking for continuing education and cramming for the final I took over the weekend. Then we had company the better part of the weekend as well. 

On Friday evening, we had one of our Goddaughters, who also lives in Elizabethtown now, over for dinner to celebrate her birthday. I made shrimp and grits and a chocolate peanut butter cookie pie. I'll share the recipe for it later this week!

Saturday morning I headed to Lexington (BY MYSELF!!!) to do some antique shopping. We are still needing a lot of furniture and odds and ends for the house, but I'm not sure exactly what I want in some cases, and in other cases, we don't have an immediate need for whatever it is (I'm looking at you beautiful marble topped antique wash stand), and it makes sense to just wait until after the big Christmas drain on my bank account. But, one thing that we want sooner rather than later is our dining room table and chairs, so that's what I went in search of. Here are some of the beautiful treasures I came across.

I'm loving this pine dresser for Carter's room. A lot of the furniture we had in his nursery were antique pieces we'd purchased for use in our next home when that time came. Well, it came, so now he only has a crib, glider and small night stand in his room. The color of this piece is exactly what I had in mind for his room. It's a little bit larger than I'd wanted, but it may work since his room is a good size. I obviously wasn't fitting it in the back of my Jeep, but we may end up going back for this pretty piece. It wasn't antique, but still very pretty. 

When it comes to the dining room table and chairs, I'm pretty wide open with what I want, other than knowing I want an oval or rectangular table in a darker wood, like maybe a mahogany (definitely don't want oak or cherry).  Well, I found these chairs in a shop and fell in love. Problem was they cost $100 less than what Juston wanted to spend on the entire set, so I left them...for now. Aren't they just beautiful though? I'm still drooling. I love the detail on them and really love the fabric as well. They're late 18th century/early 19th century. Can you imagine?! I love to think about all of the interesting people who could have sat in these very chairs, the memories made around a table, over a meal. These babies have probably seen a lot in their day.

This. Rug. Isn't she a beaut? I'm kicking myself for not snagging it when I was there because it's exactly what I want for our upstairs hallway runner.  I may snag this as well if I go back for the dresser.

This quote was in a booth at the Athens Schoolhouse Antiques Show I went to. It's only open one weekend a month (second full weekend), but you can find some great treasures there. I didn't find any dining room tables I wanted, but I met and chatted with some really interesting, great people. In the years since I've been going to antique shops and shows, I've noticed that there are two types of people who attend these shows...the type who love interacting with other people and talking about anything under the sun,  then the hoity toity type who seem far too self-important to be bothered to talk with much of anyone (I saw a LOT of this type when I went to the Scott Antique Market in ATL).  Well, you'll find the first type at the Athens show. There are some really, really sweet people wtih booths set up that love to tell you all about their pieces and the history.

You have have seen this beautiful dresser when I shared it on IG stories over the weekend. It's an authenticated Dorothy Draper original that resided in The Greenbrier hotel for years up until recently. It was stunning in person. The pulls was all hand blown glass and the green lacquered paint was also inside all of the drawers.  

I stopped at probably 5 different places and though I found so many beautiful things, I didn't bring the first thing home for some reason. the things I found that I would have wanted were too large to fit in my car and I'm not sure how I feel about taking Juston antique shopping with me...It's like taking the Game Warden hunting...some things he's better off not how much a vintage, hand-woven runner costs.  

For the first time since the kids and I moved here in the beginning of October, we finally managed to get everyone up, fed, dressed and out the door to try a new church. Our sweet neighbor stopped by our house on Saturday and invited us to her church because they were having a special all music service. It was really a great service. I grew up in the Methodist church, so music is such an important part of worship to me. And this church is literally less than a mile from our house, so that's great given that I am literally ALWAYS late no matter how hard I try not to be. 

I'd really love to try out a few more churches and choose the best fit. Juston and I both grew up Methodist, but I'm open to trying whatever is good for the kids and us. The church we tried this time was Baptist.

My sweet Caroline all gussied up from the service.  

I still don't feel like I've settled here. I'm still working at home in Maysville once a week, so the kids and I make that drive and stay overnight once a week. I feel like I've been here long enough to have formed an opinion of our new town, and even though I love our house and our sweet neighbors, I really don't like this town. Maybe I'll write a separate post on the whole moving process and how it's gone/is going. It's definitely been tough though. 

I wanted to share our Christmas tree and mantle before I wrap up this long-winded post today. 

 I really wanted to do a live magnolia garland on the fireplace as well as around our front door, but didn't get it done, so I just snagged this pre-lit garland from a store here and filled it in with pine cones. cotton bolls and deer antlers.


  1. Hey Jena. As someone who has literally lived your exact life right now;I'll tell ya, it all gets better with time. Now I do not like Marion, the town. No ways around it. However, I feel more integrated now with Audrey in school; more apart of the community. Employees at my Kroger know me. As whole though, we are travelers. We travel home. We travel to surrounding towns for their festivities. We live in our home, which we love; but other than our own plot of land we don't care for a new hometown. I don't believe we ever will. But I could be wrong, it's only been 4 years. But Luke likes his job, and I like the money! Haha! I do think I need to look at the town differently. I just see that it ain't in Kentucky, so I'm mad and judgemental. I need to really give it the ole college try. Just keep looking for the positives. Elizabethtown just may win ya over one day. Just don't think about how it ain't Maysville, cause it'll never be Maysville. And that's alright. Love ya! Hope it gets better!

    1. I know you've been/are there, too! Why couldn't our husbands have moved us to the same sub-par towns? Now that would have been fun, just like we'd always planned when we were little right down to our matching white picket fences!