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Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Hey y'all!! Happy New Year! I took a little blogging break over the holidays to enjoy it all. Juston was off for two weeks and we were on the road traveling a lot.  I slept in a lot (bless my husband), we ate way too much good food and just had a ball together doing a whole lot of nothing the first week and a whole lot of football watching the second week. 


I immediately got online to look for tickets to the game, because I'd absolutely LOVE to be there to watch this game in person, but by the time I got on, tickets were already surpassing $1,800 apiece.  The game was such a roller coaster of emotion. I'm pretty sure I yelled at Juston at some point during the first half for going on and on about how good Baker Mayfield and the Oklahoma offense were playing and blah, blah, blah. But man, Georgia came to play in the second half and in both of those overtimes. Whatever Kirby told them in the locker room at the half, I need that motivational speech to tackle every day like those Junkyard Dawgs. One of my best friends from high school and her mom were actually at the Rose Bowl. They are the reason I fell in love with Georgia football to begin with all those years ago and I'm so happy for them that they got to be there in person to experience it.  

Okay, enough football talk (for now) and moving on to a quick recap of our break. I'll work in reverse starting with New Year's Day. I always have the whole family over every year for our traditional collards, cabbage, pork and black eyed peas, so this year, they all loaded up and made the drive to Elizabethtown. It was the first time my parents and my sister and brother--in-law had been to the house so I was excited to have them all here. My sister's girls have both been out a couple of times, but it was when the kitchen was still a complete wreck. The house is so far from finished, but I was glad to show my family what we've been working on. 

 My sister with Caroline, youngest niece, Camden, oldest niece, Jayden and my mama

Shoutout to Juston for the good angle in this picture ha. 

Everyone came for lunch and stayed a few hours before heading back to Maysville. I was hoping for everyone to be able to stay the night, but my sister and her hubby both had to head back to work tomorrow. I managed to squeeze in a quick workout yesterday morning before everyone got here and it was a good thing because I was stress eating cake that whole Georgia game. 

We did not do a thing for New Year's Eve. The kids and Juston were all asleep before the ball dropped and I watched it while I mopped the floors and cleaned in preparation for lunch the next day's company. We're a wild bunch. 

Christmas was so good to us and Carter and Caroline had the best time playing and playing. We traveled home to Maysville the day before Christmas eve and spent the night so that we could go the Christmas Eve church service since my sister's kids were all playing in the orchestra during the service. After lunch, we drove back to Elizabethtown to do all of our Christmas Eve traditions with the kids. The after doing our Christmas morning gifts and playing for a few hours, we headed back to Maysville to do Christmas at my parents with the family. We'd done Juston's family Christmas the weekend before in Harlan with his family. 

 I'm not sure there is a more uncooperative child the Carter any time you try to get a posed picture. Every now and then I can catch a good candid of him, but he's tough.

We had a great break. We're so lucky that Juston's gets those two weeks off. It's such a busy time of year with all the running around that to be able to just have a week of having to do nothing is so nice. 

Happy New Year to everyone and GO DAWGS!!!

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