Dining Room Progress

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

There is not a single room in our house that is near completion at this point except maybe Caroline's bedroom and the kitchen, but I wanted to share a little bit of progress in our dining room. Word is that formal dining rooms are going by the wayside, but not in the South and not in our house. A Dining Room was one of our 'must haves' when house hunting since we love to cook and have people over. 
Below is the dining room when we bought the house.

 That brown paint may not look too bad in pictures, but in person, it was just such an awful color and it was in every.single.room of this house. It's like just when I'd think I'd painted over it all, I'd find it in a random closet. Well, it's gone now. It's amazing what a difference just changing out that paint color made in the overall feel of the whole house. The rooms feel bigger and the ceilings feel taller. It's just brighter and better now and I love  the change.

 Here is the room in progress a few months ago. I shared this already, but we took off the chair railing, re-painted the walls, changed out the light fixture, then raised the chair molding when we put it back on. Originally, we'd planned to add picture frame molding as well, but I think with the dark color on the bottom half of the walls, it looks nice without it. 

And here's the room today...

It's obviously not styled, but we at least have all of the furniture in there now. I found the table and chairs over Christmas break on Craigs List and we drove to Glasgow, Ky one evening and picked it up from the sweetest couple there.  I love it even more than I thought I would and we got a great deal on it. 

I still need a rug, window treatment, plates to go over the pineapple sconces and some accessories, but I just love how it's looking so far. This will likely be the first room finished in the house and I can't wait to cross that finish line! I'll be sure to share it here when we get it all wrapped up. I have everything but the rug picked out, I just sometimes have trouble pulling the trigger on things because I have FOMO...what if I order curtains and then find something I like better a week or two later? I just need to commit and go with it.


Server and Buffet: Antiques found at Athens Schoolhouse Antiques
Table and Chairs: Antiques found via Craigs List
Pineapple Sconces: The Carriage House Greensboro
High Chair: Family Heirloom (It was mine as a baby)
Buffet Lamps: Ballard Designs
Golf Framed Lowcountry Print: Gordon Wheeler Gallery in Charleston
Painting of Legare street: Gordon Wheeler Gallery in Charleston
Floral Jar: Target

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