Monday, January 15, 2018

The last week has been a doozie. I knew when it started off Monday night with my Dawgs losing the National Championship after having it in their grasp multiple times that the week stood a chance of not being the greatest, but it took a real turn in the middle of the week. The kids and I headed to Maysville for me to work on Wednesday like we do every week. The plan was that we'd spend the night and I'd spend Thursday moving the rest of our things out of our Maysville house since we are renting it out now. Well, I got the first load in my Jeep (which holds basically nothing in case you were wondering), and when I got down to my parents to check in on the kids, Caroline was napping. That child hasn't napped since she was 2 years old, so I knew something wasn't right. When I felt her head, she was burning up so I immediately called our pediatrician. We still don't have doctors in Elizabethtown, so I'm honestly thankful that if she was going to need a doctor, that it happened while we were in Maysville because the kids have the greatest pediatrician ever there. 
They worked her in an hour later and after testing her for a few possibilities, she has strep throat :( She was just so pitiful. She had most of the typical symptoms except the sore throat. She even managed to throw up on me in the doctor's office after the strep swab. They doctor assured me that strep would be very hard for Carter to catch unless he ate or drank after her...both of which he'd done that very morning of course because what's more fun than stealing your Sissy's juice?

As soon as I got back from the doctor, I packed up all of our things and loaded the kids into the car to head back to Elizabethtown since we knew there was snow coming Friday. When we got about 30 minutes into the 2 1/2 hour drive, Juston called me from his own doctor's appointment to let me know he'd just tested positive for the flu. So I turned around and headed back home to Maysville to stay with my parents since we didn't want the kids to be exposed to the flu as well. I'd only packed us enough clothes for two or three days since we'd planned to go back to Elizabehtown Thursday anyway, but I'd also packed for myself for the 60 degree weather we'd be having the days we were home, not the 20 degrees and possible five inches snow that was forecasted for the weekend. Luckily I had grabbed the kids heavy coats just in case. 

Friday morning, Carter woke up coughing and hot from a fever, so I headed back to the pediatrician with him. Ordinarily, I would have just had them call something in to treat him for strep, but with Juston having the flu, I didn't know which Carter would have or which to treat him for. Well, turns out he has strep and the flu. And the odds that Caroline got a false negative on her flu test a pretty high as well since she had all the same symptoms. I wasn't feeling very spry myself, so I called my doctor to try and get in, but was told that because I hadn't been in over three years,  I had to be treated as a new patient which meant they couldn't see me for EIGHT DAYS! I mean, I told them I'd been exposed to flu and strep, told them my symptoms and that I was caring for two young kids by myself basically and was essentially told too bad, sorry you've been so healthy, wait over a week or go to Urgent Care. I was beyond pissed off since these are doctors I've seen my entire life. New patient, my ass. I told Juston to be sure and sue them if anything happened to me haha.

I ended up calling back later to check for cancellations and got an appointment for Friday afternoon, which they called me back thirty minutes later and cancelled because they were closing the office early due to the impending weather. Well, they closed at 3:00 and the snow didn't even start until after 5:30. Obviously I'm still a little bitter over that situation. 

Luckily, the winter weather wasn't as severe as initially predicted, so after disinfecting my parents house and running feeding and medicating the kids, we loaded up Saturday and finally made the trip back to Elizabethtown. I'd tried to keep them away from Juston and his flu without realizing it was already too late. By the time the kids were both diagnosed, the snow had already hit Elizabethtown and it was too late for me to leave. I felt so bad having them in my parents house sick and just kept hoping and praying they didn't get anyone else sick. They'd been around my sister's kids before we knew anything was wrong, and of course my mom was always there helping me when I needed it so she was around them. My dad hid in their room most of the time haha Can't say I blame him. I just hope no one else gets it. 

The kids have luckily been resting at night, but still have low fevers, coughs and runny noses. Carter is so hoarse and pitiful, but I think my girl has turned the corner. We didn't get half of the things moved out of our house we needed to, but luckily we're friends with the people renting so they were very understanding about it. When we got back to the Elizabethtown house, it was blanketed in snow and looked so pretty. But, prettty or not, I hate winter and all it entails, so Spring, please hurry up.

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