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Monday, January 29, 2018

Up until we moved to Elizabethtown, our closest Target was at least an hour drive for me to get to. I'd say moving me less than a mile from a Target is one of Juston's biggest regrets of 2017 haha. But I have found some really fun, stylish home decor there recently and I wanted to share a few finds and how I've incorporated and styled some of them. This post does contain some affiliate links.

First up, pictured above, the round mirror was a recent score for just under $50. If you've ever shopped for good sized mirrors at places like Pottery Barn, Ballard, Serena and Lily, etc, you know that they do NOT come cheap. Well, I loved the simplicity of this one and feel like it'll work well in so many different places throughout the house. For now, I have it above the fireplace and I love it there, but the television will be going up there eventually (once we decide what new mantle we want. The one on there currently is super warped on the left hand side, so it's not staying), so the mirror won't stay there too long. My plan is to hang it above the dresser in the master closet once I move it, but I may change my mind between now and then. The baskets on the floor are old from Target (large one) and Home goods (small one). The chair is likely one of the ugliest chairs you'll see, but until I decide what chairs I want flanking the fireplace, I made a makeshift slipcover out of a blanket which is what you see. It's so ridiculous, I have it clipped in the back of the chair to keep it tight, but it's so much better looking than the green check pattern that's on the chair.   Rug and pillows are from Ballard Designs and gold candlesticks are from the cutest shop in Greenville called Vintage Now Modern. Check it out if you're ever there, you'll love it!

This little tray is on a server in our dining room and almost everything is from Target. The pink and gold round tray, the floral vase (I got the small size, but there is a larger size as well), and the wooden bead garland are all Target finds and none are over $20. The framed picture is from the Gordon Wheeler Gallery in Charleston and the books are Southern Cocktails and Southern Appetizers. I can't attest the the quality of the recipes in either as I mostly bought them for looks ha. I got the cocktail book for Juston and he has made mint Juleps from it, but I think that's it. I'll crack them open once we get our main level renovations finished and start entertaining. I plan to hang the frame on the wall in between the two windows once I find another framed piece of artwork or two to pair it with. 

This vase and this vase are grouped with a candle in our master bedroom but I've not found the greenery I want to put in them so I haven't made a picture of them just yet, but they are great quality, great size and neutral so they can be mixed and matched with a lot of styles and in a lot of spaces. I'm hoping to snag some palmetto fronds to dry out when we're in Charleston in a few weeks. These are both great price points and under $20 as well. 

That's it for now, but it's been at least a week since I've been in Target, so it's very possible I'll have some more great finds before too much longer!

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