Whatever Wednesday

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

It's been awhile since I've done a Whatever Wednesday post, so today seemed like the perfect day for one. Let's get right to it. 

What we're doing//

We've pretty much made a week of it at home in Maysville this week. The kids and I came in Sunday evening. I had a dermatologist appointment for my yearly skin check Monday morning and there's no one in Elizabethtown to watch the kids, so that meant I had to drive to Maysville, spend the night at my parents so they could watch the kids, then drive to Lexington Monday morning before heading back to Maysville. Caroline and I both had appointments for bi-annual teeth cleanings Wednesday morning in Maysville, plus I had work today and tomorrow, so it didn't make much sense to go back to Elizabethtown just to come back a day later. We've been bopping around town while we've been here though, starting with Magee's Bakery for some sweet treats.

What' I'm Reading//

I just finished Big Little Lies last week and I LOVED it! I want to watch the show, too, but haven't gotten to that yet. Have you read it? Knowing who played the characters already, I just imagined how perfect Reese Witherspoon must be as Madeline the entire time I was reading. If you like mystery, drama, comedy books, you'll love this one! 

What I'm waiting on//

I've desperately been trying to get our messy house organized. We probably didn't approach moving with the most logical order. Back in October, we rented a moving truck and had movers move mainly our furniture. I wasn't too worried about the things in cabinets, closets, etc because Juston and I had been tramming those things back and forth each week so I figured we'd have all that tackled soon enough. Well, we didn't. Who knew just how much crap you could cram into a closet? And multiply that by like seven closets and needless to say, we were scrambling to get things moved out of the house the day before our tenants were to move in.  Juston has brought two truck and large trailer loads to the Elizabethtown house already and we still don't have it all. Meanwhile, he just piled alllllll of that stuff in the FRONT FOYER and guest room. I'll have to snap a picture and share it here just so y'all can see how anxiety-inducing the mess that is my house is. I can't deal haha. And every time I get one load tackled, put away, donated, etc, another one is waiting to come through the door. It's overwhelming the amount of things we have and I have donated SO  MUCH already! All this to say, I've been on an organizing mission and have snagged a few things on Amazon to help me tackle the big ole mess. Here's what's on its way to me this week. 

Organizing and purging are sort of contradictory in a sense because in order to get organized, you have to make a giant mess first. I can tell you one thing...when the times comes to move out of the house we're in, I'll be a lot more thoughtful of the moving process ahead of time. This was really both of our first move that wasn't out of an apartment since we moved out of our first house into this one. Live and learn, I suppose. 

What I'm looking forward to//

image via Southern Lady Magazine

 We have some exciting trips coming up on the horizon and I am SO ready to travel and see some new places! We didn't travel nearly as much as we usually do last year because of Juston's new job and moving and all that those things entailed, so we're ready to hit the road again. 

First up is a trip to Charleston that I won! I was beyond excited and still can't wait. I'd mentioned planning our spring trip to Juston and asked if he wanted to do Wilmington since we're looking at living there one day, and then on to Charleston. He actually rolled his eyes at me and said "Can't we go someplace besides Charleston?"  Why though? So when I won the trip I told him since he didn't want to go I'd take someone else haha. 

After Charleston, we have our spring trip that we've decided to do Apalachicola, Florida and Thomasville, Georgia, both places we've never been, in addition to a stop in Alabama to visit our sweet friends there. And after that trip, Nashville is in the works as well for a fun girls weekend! 

Where are y'all planning trips to soon? If anyone has any suggestions for things to do/see/eat in Apalachicola or Thomasville, I'd love for you to e-mail them to me as we've never been to either place! I know there will be oysters on the menu at least a few times.

Happy hump day, y'all! Hope the rest of your week is great!

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