Winter Worksheet wtih

Thursday, January 25, 2018

How many of y'all have had snow days in the past few weeks like there have been all over Kentucky? We've got a warm weekend ahead (heeeeyyyy 60 degrees!), but the weather around here can give you whiplash in a matter of hours, so I wanted to share a fun activity you can do with your young children on their next snow day, or it's ideal for any preschool age child, in school or not! 

The sweet folks at sent me a Bug Crawlie Maze worksheet to share with my readers. You can keep your little ones entertained and toasty with this fun maze as well as lots of other preschool age appropriate activities at Just print it off and work on it with your little ones to help hone those problem solving and fine motor skills.The maze is below for you to click on and print. 

You may remember another activity I shared in conjunction with called the Alphabet Journal, you can find that activity here.  It's another great option to keep them busy and learning. Caroline had fun doing the artwork in her journal and goes back to it often to work on her letters and sounds, so your kids may enjoy it as well.

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