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Monday, February 5, 2018

I've been stockpiling some beauty finds over the last couple of months in an effort to remember to share them here. Some I love, some I really didn't love and some I don't know how I lived without, so I wanted to share some recent (since late fall probably) beauty buys with y'all. 

I'll start with hair care related items. 

My all time favorite shampoo is from Lush (BIG sea salt shampoo), so I like to try some of their other products periodically, but I haven't had much luck in the past. This anti-static spray wasn't much different, but I wouldn't say it isn't worth purchasing at all. For me, it was a smell thing. The spray did help with my static, but I can't hardly stand the smell of it to use it. I believe the description is notes of honey and violet...I didn't pick up on either of those scents, but it smells a little funky to me. Plus side is the scent wears off (or I got used to it maybe) quickly enough that I can still use it sparingly, but overall, I stick with my Aveeno leave in conditioner primarily. 
Next up is the Kristin Ess Leave in Conditioner spray. I was shopping in Target a couple months ago and looking for my Aveeno spray since I was completely out, but Target didn't have it and I wasn't trying to invest the 15 minutes it takes to get to either Kroger in this town, so I picked this up. Mixed reviews on this as well, again, a smell thing for me. The scent is VERY strong, but not offensive. If you're sensitive to strong smells though, you may want to pass on this one. I used it on the kids as well as myself and with them, I noticed white flakes in their hair, which neither one has ever had before using this conditioner, nor have they had it since I picked up our regular conditioner and started using it again. I'll keep this one as backup, but won't re-purchase. 
Finally, the Not Your Mother's Beach Babe Texturizing Spray, also picked up from Target. I do like this one, especially for the price compared to the other texturizing spray I use from Oribe (which I adore). This spray does what it says it will, adds texture to your hair, and for the price point, I'll purchase again to use alternately with my Oribe texturizing spray. 

Next up is Skin Care and I found some gems!

I'll start with the Farmhouse Fresh Sweet Tea body polish. I love it! The smell is subtle, but sweet, the texture of the polish is slightly abrasive so as to slough off dead skin, but not so much so that it irritates your skin. I use this on my feet, knees and elbows and love it. I will definitely re-purchase this one. I use mine maybe twice a week. 
I've jumped on the Beauty Counter bandwagon I guess, but so far, I have really loved all of their products that I've tried. I've not tried any of their makeup products yet, only skincare, but I love all three things pictured above. My lips and skin get SO dry in the winter, but a lot of store bought lotions and chapsticks just seem to dry them out even worse. The Beauty Counter Body Butter is incredible. I'm not exaggerating when I say it's probably the most moisturizing lotion I've ever used. Where I was having to use hand lotions three to four times a day, applying this once in the morning is enough to last me the whole day. Same with the Lip Conditioner. The stuff is amazing. I usually apply it once in the morning, then in the evening again before bed. I love it. I will be repurchasing both of these products when I run out. 
Now for the baby oil. When it comes to the kids, I try not to put anything on their skin aside from soap (they use The Honest Company lavender soap/shampoo and have for years). I don't do lotion on them and only apply diaper rash cream to Carter if I absolutely have to. I feel like they ingest enough hot dogs that they don't need any extra junk going in their bodies from skin products. But unfortunately, like their mama, they seem to be getting pretty dry skin in the colder weather, so I picked this oil to try. It works well, but I feel like I have to use a lot of it at a time to do the job. I will likely not re-purchase this oil, but will try something from the kid line instead of the baby line. 

And finally, make-up, some of these links are affiliate links.

I picked up these eyeshadow brushes from Target a few months back and have really been loving them, especially for the price (under $6!). I tend to use them more than my Bobbi Brown brushes and like them just as well, if not a bit better. After using those a few weeks, I also picked up the Foundation Brush and the Blush Brush. I still want to get the Full Powder Brush and the Blending and Bronzing Brush, but they were sold out the last time I was there and looked.     
These Bare Mineral matte lip glosses came in a set of three and I got them on sale for I think $20. I hate them. Like, they're the worst shades of lipstick I've ever put on my lips haha. Check out the picture below for a better idea of the colors, swatched in the order the names appear. 

I gave each color a fair shake and feel like it looked like I put mud on my lips with each one. They smell amazing when you open them though, so there's that. They smell like cocoa powder. I will say, these colors would likely look very pretty on the right skin tone/hair/color combination, but it is not mine. I think these would look better on someone with olive skin tone and dark hair, especially the middle color. I would 100% not purchase any of these colors again for myself, but again, I'm sure they look good on someone.

So there you have it, my recent beauty buys and a review of each.  Bless your heart if you made it through all of that!

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