The Sercret to Southern Charm

Monday, February 12, 2018

Have you ever discovered a book series right when the first book was released, then had to wait very impatiently for the subsequent books to come out?  That was the case with this book I'm about to share with y'all, so you can imagine my excitement when I entered a contest on Instagram to win a copy of this book a few months before its release and actually won! I was so, so excited and couldn't wait to jump right back in to the Peachtree Bluff action with book two in this Peachtree Bluff series by Kristy Woodson Harvey.  
I first discovered Kristy's books via one of my very favorite shops, Beaufort Linen Company (you've seen me post about them plenty here over the last few years).  They were having a book signing with Kristy to promote her book Lies and Other Acts of Love (also reviewed that one here quite some time ago and highly recommend it!) and I ordered a copy from them to read and I could not put it down. 

Kristy also has a book called Dear Carolina that I have but haven't read yet. I believe it was her first release. Once I find an author I love, I tend to buy every book they've written and will subsequently write. That's how I came across book one in The Peachtree Bluff series, Slightly South of Simple. Y'all, it's amazing. Kristy just has a way of capturing the beauty of the Georgia coast through her writing that make you feel like you are sitting right there amongst all the action while you read. The characters are all so well developed and you get attached very quickly.I would obviously recommend picking up Slightly South of Simple if you haven't already, then pre-order your copy of The Secret to Southern Charm

Book two picks up right where book one leaves off, but this time, it's written from the perspective of Ansley, the mother of three grown daughters who have all returned to her home in Peachtree Bluff, Georgia for their various reasons, two of them with their own children. You also get the perspective of Sloane, her middle daughter, (book one is from Ansley and eldest daughter Caroline's perspective), who is in the midst of a very dark time in her life.  I love how the author does such a good job conveying the complex, yet simple bond that is shared between sisters, as well as a mother and her daughters.  

Throughout the course of the book, Sloane begins to discover herself again outside of just being someone's wife and someone's mother. As a stay at home parent with a military spouse, she lost herself somewhere along the way. I think just about any stay at home parent can relate to that part of her journey. 

I never like to give too much away in book reviews I do here so I'll just say this: this book will take you on an emotional roller coaster in the best possible way and leave you wanting more....and impatiently waiting for book three in the series :)

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