Updating our Master Bedding

Thursday, February 8, 2018

Just like everything else so far, our Master bedroom is still a work in progress since we moved. I haven't paid much attention to that space yet even though we spend a lot of time in there. My main focus has been on the main floor since that's what most people see when they come over. But come to think of it, one of Caroline's favorite things to do when we have guests is give them a tour of the ENTIRE house, messy, unfinished spaces and all, so I suppose it's time to finish it. The first order of business as far as I was concerned was updating our bedding. 

Bedding is one of those things that just adds up so quickly and can get very expensive, so I wanted to make sure that I loved whatever we switched out for. The duvet I've had on our bed for years I've loved, but I'm just ready for a change. Here's what we've had.

I liked the soft, muted color palate of the duvet, but again, ready for something different. This was obviously in our old house. The walls in our master now are Benjamin Moore, Jute as shown below and I love it so much. I'll have to try and remember to snap an actual picture of it on the walls in our room, which doesn't look to have as much natural light as the one below.

I've been searching for quite some time now trying to find something I really loved and I finally think I've found it. I wanted something that was predominantly neutral so that I can mix and match pillows and accessories. I swear I have a harder time committing to home decor decisions that I did committing to marriage haha. But here's what I've chosen.

From Pottery Barn

I started by just ordering the Morgan shams from Pottery Barn because I was deciding if I wanted the duvet to match the standard shams, or the duvet to match printed shams I got from Biscuit bedding. 

I have three of these shams, then two of the Morgan shams that I am going to get an applique monogram put on. And instead of doing the printed duvet to match, I'm going to get the sheets in this same Dorothy colorway from Biscuit. I decided I'd prefer the duvet to remain primarily neutral and have the print in the sheets instead, that way I can either do printed sheets, or solid. I'm thinking I'll do a print in our curtains. I just ordered the Morgan duvet from Pottery Barn so I'll start the process of choosing window treatments once that arrives and I get it changed. 

Bedding is just so expensive so that's why it's taken me so long to commit. I don't mind spending the money on something like bedding because you literally use it every single day, but I wanted to make sure I chose something I'd want for years and I think I've do it (finally)!

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