Our Weekend

Monday, March 12, 2018

Well, daylight savings allllmost got the best of us since we decided to travel over the weekend, but thankfully we mostly beat the snow (!!) back to Kentucky and got home in time for bedtime last night. 

If you've followed along here for any amount of time, then you may remember that I've been on the hunt for a Lineberry cart for years now...probably at least five years, but everyone I've ever found either via Ebay or Etsy has cost a small fortune. Well, I finally found one on Craigs List for half of the price of any others I've found, so we hit the road to pick it up. It just so happened that the gentleman who refinished the table was in one of my two favorite places to go, North Carolina, so we decided to make a weekend of it and all go. 

Since the kids were coming, we decided to take the day Saturday to visit the North Carolina zoo in Asheboro before meeting up with a friend for dinner in Sanford. I have to say, we've visited a few zoos, (Cincinnati, St Louis and Greenville most recently), but I think the North Carolina zoo may be our favorite. We spent almost four hours there and still didn't see and do everything. The weather ended up being perfect and we closed the place down (at 4 ha).
Caroline asked if she could push the stroller for a little bit, and as soon as she asked Carter if he wanted pushed, he all but jumped in to the seat. Mind you, I'd been pushing an empty stroller all around the zoo because Caroline wanted to walk and Carter wanted Juston to hold him. It was the cutest thing and she pushed him around for probably twenty minutes.

One reason we loved this zoo so much, aside from the fact that there is so much to see, is that the animals were all so active. It was likely a result of the weather since it was overcast and in the 50's, but I've never been to a zoo where most animals weren't just laying around. The polar bears, seals and sea otters were all just swimming up a storm, turning flips, swimming right up to the kids at the glass watching them and just all over the place. I kept telling Juston it was almost like they were putting on a show. Then the big cats were all up and moving as well. I've only ever seen the lions laying down soaking up the sun, but they were up walking around, playing with toys and as active as I've ever seen. Caroline really loved all of the big cats, especially the cougars, and Carter loved all of the bears, especially the polar bears. He got a kick out of howling at the red wolf as well.

We got up bright and early Sunday to meet the gentleman in Dunn, NC who'd finished the cart before heading on to Raleigh to pick up a marble top wash stand, another piece I've been searching for for years now that I found on Ebay. The couple we met with the washstand was actually originally from Kentucky before moving to Raleigh years ago. I love meeting new people when we travel. We definitely met some great ones this weekend. The kids could not have been better. We actually had to wake them up to get going Sunday, which I try to never do unless I absolutely have to, but they couldn't have been better. We were all in agreement that our last stop before heading home needed to be Duck Donuts. I've heard about it for a long time from different people, so I was excited to finally give it a try and let me tell you, it did not disappoint. 

It's so neat because you can actually watch every step of the process, almost like Subway for donuts. This half dozen did not last hardly any time and they were amazing. We'll definitely be stopping here again next time we're close to one. 

We made great time on our trip home, to spite driving in the rain through most of North Carolina and are so blessed with kids who travel well and enjoy it. We encountered a huge surprise after passing through Lexington, Ky on our way back though when we drove into heavy SNOW! I couldn't believe it. Juston ended up having a two hour delay this morning as a result, so it actually worked out really well since it allowed him to rest a bit before work after a busy weekend of running. 

We managed to get the truck unloaded last night in the dark in the snow haha. Then this morning, got the pieces put in place in their new home. I love antique furniture so much and really love the character old pieces have that you just don't find in new things.

 These chairs were a Craig's List find that I'm planning to re-cover once I find a fabric I love. The back are caned. Then that pretty wash stand in between the chairs is one of our acquisitions from this weekend.

Not the best picture, but our new Lineberry Cart is above. We're getting a white couch to go in this living room to go in place of that leather one eventually, so I think the contrast of the dark wood and the white couch will be great. And I especially love that some of the original Lineberry stenciling is still visible on the cart. He did have to replace the boards on top since the originals weren't salvageable, but I love it so much. After years of searching, I finally brought one home! I'm so happy with it.  

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